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Zuckerberg cast as web3 supervillain in forthcoming game

Mark Zuckerberg may love the metaverse, but here is one upcoming Web 3 game he may not be so glad about. The Rabbit Hole features characters “designed to defend Web3 against the corporate overlord, Metazuckbot.”

Metazuckbot runs in-game ZuckCorp, where the cute thug bunny heroes from the My Pet Hooligan NFT series were earlier imprisoned and forced to mine Karrot. Now free, they roam the city alongside the evil former slaves, ZuckBots, that were also announced as an NFT series previously this week.

The game is the product of independent animation tech company AMGI Studios, that has got funding from such as Yield Guild Games, Emfarsis, Delphi Digital and Bitkraft Ventures. It is 50-strong team involves developers with experience working on Call of Duty and Medal of Honor, and also artists and animators from Pixar and Disney.

“We are always discovering things that make us laugh and what we would like to see in a game. With the legends surrounding Zuckbot, it was majorly inspired by the fact that important corporations are mining our data and making the users to profit from it”. Luke Paglia, executive director and producer of the project, said: “We were majorly used in the ethos of what we see occurring around us.”

The launch of NFT came on the same day that Meta announced Q3 earnings. Shares fell after reports of a $9.4 billion loss for Reality Labs, the metaverse division.

As Zuckerberg thinks his investment in the metaverse will pay off in the long run, he’s having trouble persuading people—involving at his own company. A survey of Meta employees in May discovered that just 58 percent understood the company’s metaverse strategy.

Probably, Metazuckbot will have more metaverse success. The Rabbit Hole is scheduled to launch in Q4 2022 or Q1 2023 on the Epic Games Store.

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