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Worldwide Webb creator discusses interoperability’s roll in Web3

Thomas Webb, founder of Worldwide Webb, discusses the potential effect of interoperability in Web3 and the Metaverse with NFT Steez.

NFT Steez, a bi-weekly Twitter Spaces hosted by Alyssa Expósito and Ray Salmond, met with Thomas Webb, the creator of the interoperable avatar game Worldwide Webb, on November 11 to explore the integration of interoperability in Web3 and the Metaverse.

Interoperability is a characteristic of Web3 that allows a product or system to work easily with other products and services across platforms. Webb describes interoperability as “creating a token—a nonfungible token (NFT)” since, at its most fundamental level, only the creator can control it. But how does interoperability now function in Web3, and what are its potential consequences?

How to do interoperability “right”

Webb talked about the creativity he has seen from NFT communities and brands when talking about how interoperable apps can have a big impact.

Webb thinks that allowing the creation of intellectual property (IP) lets users show their loyalty and, in other ways, their success. IP can come from “creating a product, creating ideas, or creating experiences.”

Webb argues that facilitating the development of intellectual property (IP) allows people to demonstrate their commitment and, in other ways, their accomplishment, regardless of whether it results from “creating a product, creating ideas, or creating experiences.”

Webb says that token-gated experiences also seem to work well with interoperability. In a nutshell, users can get closer to real experiences by using their token as a pass to get into events and get perks.

This integration makes it possible for brands to work together, reach their users, and create what Webb calls “infinite value.”

Applications for interoperability in different fields

When asked where interoperability could go, Webb said, “Interoperability could be the backbone of everything.”

Webb thinks that tech companies will work together and engage with each other more if platforms are more open and based on data. In the end, Webb thinks that the idea of interoperability will have an effect on e-commerce, creative experiences, and even ideas like identity and self-sovereignty.

Even though interoperability is a key part of Web3, Webb did say that making a standard that works for all countries will always have risks and challenges.

Webb says that the presence of centralized regulatory bodies could keep people from trying new things and growing.

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