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Will AI soon have a major influence on the modeling sector?

Deep Agency, the newest product developed by artificial intelligence (AI) business creator Danny Postma, has finally been made available to the public after several months of preparation.

Deep Agency is a photo studio and modeling agency driven entirely by AI; it does not make use of any cameras, real people, or actual settings; instead, it relies entirely on AI. A subsequent tweet from the inventor reveals that everything is made through the use of the most cutting-edge text-to-image models for the generation of photographs.

Users can submit photographs of themselves to build digital clones that, in addition to being used to create “fake” models, may be used as models in a variety of other scenarios.

The modeling process includes several processes, some of which are selecting a model, selecting a posture, and sketching the appearance of the planned scenario. Artificial intelligence then takes over from there, much as how you can generate art with applications like Midjourney or DALL-E.

If you decide to be digitized by the website, it will take around half an hour to produce a digital duplicate of you using 20 selfies, and it will do it as quickly as possible. Postma asserts that after the digital twin has been built, it may be utilized in the same manner as the existing models, for anything from social media content to the product photographs used in online shopping.

Postma voiced excitement over the product’s prospective use cases but issued a warning that because the service is still in beta, “things will break.” Because of this, Deep Agency is offering a limited-time launch discount, and details on this promotion can be found on their website. In addition to this, they are offering free trial access to all of their services, which includes the ability to generate up to 20 picture generations.

Deep Agency is only one example of how artificial intelligence (AI) can disrupt whole sectors, including the creative industry, even though AI currently has some limits. In this particular scenario, a process that would normally be prohibitively expensive has recently been available to the average person or business.

Malik Afegbua, an AI artist, recently illustrated this in his Fashion Show For the Elderly. Another benefit of using AI models is that they open the door to more diversity and representation. Several viewers had the incorrect impression that the images were shot at an actual presentation because the show featured a wide variety of topics, places, and apparel that were all manufactured by artificial intelligence (AI).

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