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Why Anatoly Yakovenko, the founder of Solana, is optimistic about blockchain gaming in 2023

Anatoly Yakovenko, the founder of Solana, thinks there is room for growth in blockchain-based games next year.

“What I really would like to see, and this is happening already, is just more and more small creators, like artists who have a full-time job being able to go full-time into being a creator,” Yakovenko told Fortune. “There’s new business models that have much stronger guarantees for creator rights and revenue.”

His interest goes beyond non-fungible tokens that represent images and is more about making digital assets that “really go into game development, how you make games, how you make new storylines, new IP,” Yakovenko said.

Blockchain-based games have gotten a lot of attention and attracted investments worth billions of dollars, but they haven’t been very successful yet. Due to Crypto Winter, blockchain-based game studios have recently laid off staff and changed how they work. Yakovenko is still optimistic, though.

“I really would love to see a vision of the metaverse where it’s all protocol based, millions of small-time creators that are all able to do it full time because they’re contributing to this one giant economy without any extractive, massive fees on the platform,” he said

Some people think that Solana will become known as the “NFT chain” in a world with more than one blockchain, and Yakovenko agrees.

Although Solana was originally built to be “a blockchain at NASDAQ speed,” Yakovenko said, the NFT use case is “kind of obvious in retrospect. All the tech that you build for finance means that the network has to be as cheap, fast, and reliable as possible.”

But Solana hasn’t been very reliable lately, with outages and times when it wasn’t working. Yakovenko talked about these problems at the Solana Breakpoint conference over the past few days. He said that solutions have been found. He said that more development and decentralization on the network, like the Firedancer validator that is being built by Jump Crypto, would help make the network more reliable.

During its Breakpoint conference, Solana announced a number of new partnerships. On Saturday, for example, Google Cloud said it is running a block-producing Solana validator to “participate in and validate the network,” and Meta’s Instagram said it is adding Solana NFTs to its platform.

“I think some of the adoption that we’re seeing in crypto right now that is more consumer oriented is definitely coming from creators being able to create NFTs and other digital art,” Yakovenko said. “And that seems like the thing that’s growing.”

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