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What is Otherside metaverse? How to buy land?

The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) has been getting bigger during the last few months. On their route to success, Yuga Labs, the company behind BAYC, has started to create their massive metaverse world Otherside, an NFT space to expand Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Yuga Labs officially announced the Otherside project in March. Immediately at the release, rumors went around describing the project as just another expansion of the existing Bored Ape Yacht Club or even a secondary collection like Bored Ape Kennel Club. However, Yuga Labs put an end to the stories by releasing a teaser for Otherside.

otherside is a one of the best metaverse games!

If you wonder what Otherside project is, you will find a complete guide for the Otherside project in the following.

What is the Otherside metaverse project from Yuga Labs?

What is the Otherside metaverse project from Yuga Labs?

Otherside metaverse is the newest expansion of the Bored Ape NFT universe. It is the NFT space the Yuga Labs desired to build to expand the world of Bored Ape Yacht Club. Yuga Labs developed Otherside as a virtual world gaming to profoundly associated with the Bored Ape Yacht Club ecosystem. The Yuga Labs team explained that the game will be a mixture of MMORPGs and a Web3-enabled virtual world.

The Otherside seems to be ultimately a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) connected to the BAYC ecosystem. So, over 10,000 people who own NFTs can play together simultaneously while they can transfer their NFTs to playable characters. The Yuga Labs has recently encouraged the hype by planning to release a demo of Otherside Metaverse on July 16.

Besides, Otherside plans to go over the borders and be its own Metaverse so that it will offer an interoperable experience. In other words, Otherside users will be able to move between Metaverses. The project even goes further to include prominent NFT collections such as Cool Cats, World of Women, Crypto Toadz, and some more. As the result, it could be said that this Metaverse will be an Open-world game that allows players to own land and interact with different ecosystems. In fact, this Metaverse provides users with unique beings that inhabit them.

Although Yuga Labs has been on news for a while for the Otherside project, it has not announced everything about the game and how it may work. According to BAYC and Otherside Discord and Yuga Labs official announcements, these are what the team has said about the project so far:

  • Multiplayer features will be made possible via Improbable’s M2 technology
  • Otherside will include natural voice chat
  • They hope to solve problems in bandwidth and rendering “using machine learning”
  • Otherside will be able to handle more than half a billion operations per second
  • Immersive gameplay will be “supported by AI and physics”

All the information above seems really general and non-specific. By now, Yuga Labs has not released any information related to the infrastructure, technology and even the auction. This caused a fall in the prices of Yuga Labs assets since the announcements on Otherside auction were totally confusing. However, it is almost certain that the Otherside will tie directly into the ApeCoin ecosystem. Therefore, the only way to participate in the Otherside drop is to purchase an NFT using $APE tokens.

What do we already know about the Otherside project?

All we officially know about Otherside Metaverse comes from the teasers and demos Yuga Labs introduced earlier. Though, there are still lots of missing details.

One of the defining parts of Otherside, however, is the role of Bored Ape plans in monetizing it. It is already known that Otherside Metaverse uses ApeCoin (APE) as the in-game currency to buy land and NFT avatars, and they plan on the sale of land tokens. It can be a good idea to invest in ApeCoin!

Also, Yuga Labs insists on building a platform that not only expands the universe of the BAYC but also invites the larger NFT community (and those priced out of BAYC membership) to join the platform. Their vision of the Otherside Metaverse can attract more NFT fans. It also helps them gain more market advantage with the high prices to join the BAYC.

Who owns the Otherside metaverse?

Who owns the Otherside metaverse

The four founders of Yuga Labs first came up with the idea for BAYC and, then, were an integral part of creating the Otherside project, but there are also some other companies and individuals now helping run the show.

The most prominent force behind Bored Apes along with the Yuga Labs is venture-capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (known as “a16z”), which supports Yuga Labs by their crypto fund. With the funding, Chris Lyons, general partner at a16z crypto, joined Yuga Labs’ board. Other well-known partners are Animoca Brands, Improbable, and the ApeCoin DAO.

Animoca Brands is a game software and venture capital company that helps Yuga Labs build Otherside Metaverse. It should be noted that Animoca is also the driving force behind the widely popular Metaverse game The Sandbox. This Hong Kong-based company has continued to solidify itself as a major player in Metaverse endeavor.

Improbable, a British Metaverse technology company pioneering new ways to build value across interconnected virtual worlds, has also joined Yuga Labs to produce the Otherside project (or as they call it OthersideMeta). This suggests that Animoca and Improbable are both joint creators and owners of Yuga Labs’ Bored Ape-centric Otherside.

Many investors and contributors are known to back Yuga Labs from the newly launched ApeCoin ecosystem. As we already mentioned this new MMORPG will tie directly into the ApeCoin. Due to the wide acceptance of BAYC and other projects of the Yuga Labs, OpenSea and other NFT marketplaces start to accept $APE as a form of payment. Therefore, it goes without saying that the ApeCoin DAO, which is the true creator behind the ApeCoin, will largely influence Otherside.

What are the important components in the working of Otherside metaverse?

To clarify how Otherside might actually work, let’s first identify the most important components in this metaverse, namely ApeCoin (APE), Otherdeed NFTs and Kodas (or the digital creatures). Here we fully overview the role of these components in the Otherside metaverse.

ApeCoin or APE

ApeCoin or APE

ApeCoin or APE is the ERC-20 token used in the Bored Ape Yacht Club ecosystem. This cryptocurrency was developed on the Ethereum blockchain, and serves for governance and native utilities in BAYC. Virtual lands in the Otherside metaverse are ourchaesd using ApeCoin. Although the role of APE in the Otherside metaverse is not clear by now, it seems to play an essential role due to BAYC ecosystem.


Otherdeeds is the next crucial component of Otherside metaverse to know about. Otherdeeds is a collection of dynamic NFTs that contains all of the game elements. Each Otherdeed comes with a set of resources and some few include a Koda.

To be more precious, each piece of land in Otherside has up to four replenishing resources that users can harvest and use in the game. Some are rarer than others. They include anima (for research), ore (metal), shard (stone), and root (wood). There are also five sediment types (or tiers) that each land is built upon: Biogenic Swamp (tier 5), Chemical Goo (tier 4), Rainbow Atmos (tier 3), Cosmic Dream (tier 2), and Infinite Expanse (tier 1).

Otherdeeds were launched via public sale on April 30 including 55,000 parcels of land. However, the entire supply of Otherdeeds is 100,000 and the other 45,000 parcels are reserved for Bored Ape NFT holders and Yuga Labs employees and partners. The release price of land in Otherside was a big shock, though.


Koda metaverse

Kodas are the beings that Yuga says “have ushered us into the Otherside.” Kodas are intentionally fuzzy and users aren’t supposed to know exactly what they are or why they exist; though, they have an important connection to the Otherside land. The company stated that users who meet a Koda must tread cautiously.

The Yuga Lab decided to release Otherdeeds in waves on April 30. hoping that limiting the number of NFTs each user could collect would mitigate high gas prices. According to the news, Yuga Labs and its partners gained almost $400 million based on the value of that time ($23.49).

Can Otherside metaverse make a difference?

Although we overviewed the essential components of the Otherside metaverse, it may be still difficult for our readers to point out how the Otherside metaverse would work. Besides, the experiences of a selected group of participants with Otherside metaverse seem to limit answering the question. However, it is already known that the most striking highlight of the Otherside metaverse can be its vision for developing an immersive and interactively engaging gaming platform that includes an interesting storyline.

The Otherside metaverse game seems to find a way to bridge the gap between human and technology interaction. Therefore, the Otherside metaverse has to offer highlights that go beyond other immersive, virtual reality gaming experiences. Here is a list of highlights that make the Otherside metaverse different from other similar platforms.

Different Types of Otherdeed Plots

As the crucial component of the Otherside metaverse, Otherdeeds NFT collection provides the metaverse with the advantages of dynamic NFTs. It allows users to explore different land perks with Otherdeeds in the five domains discussed above. Wide variety of plots can motivate players to create their own space and enjoy more.

Among the 200,000 Otherdeeds defined in the Otherside metaverse, 10,000 are reserved for BAYC holders as well as 20,000 for MAYC holders. Remember that every land parcel in the metaverse features its resources and could also contain unique artifacts and resources.

Engaging Storyline

The other item that helps to better understand what Otherside metaverse is or how the Otherside metaverse works, is the description of the interactive, engaging storyline for the game. The story line is an interesting myth and backstory regarding Kodas, with an element of surprise. The metaverse game storyline revolves around the magical celestial Kodas ntroducing users to the Otherside. The storyline keeps the nature of Kodas as a mystery. Kodas seems to be cute little creatures, though the developers warn players to be careful while approaching one.

Otherside collaborating Improbable

The strategic collaboration between the Otherside metaverse with Improbable provides technical advancements to better understand how the Otherside metaverse can be better than other similar metaverses. This partnership allows Otherside to build the virtual experience on the M2 network. Therefore, users can easily create their avatars and design their experiences in the metaverse. Besides, M2 network lets Otherside support massive multiplayer gaming time. Thus, the Otherside metaverse is definitely separate from other metaverse platforms, which restrict the number of users and remove the pressure on the network.

Open Data Kits (ODK)

The other crucial highlight to make Otherside metaverse different from other similar platforms is its Open Data Kits. Players can use an Open Data Kit to develop their own games through the Otherside metaverse. The Otherside metaverse not only focuses on user-generated content but also motivates its players to create and shape unique experiences throughout the game. Players can access different crucial tools, such as manufacturing and authoring tools, resource trading facilities, and moderation checks, using ODK.

Tools provided by ODK in Otherside Metaverse

Tools provided by ODK in Otherside Metaverse

Manufacturing Tools

Otherdeed holders (known as aka Voyagers) can collect resources from within the platform to manufacture other objects. Each object type has its own resource requirements which must be fulfilled to complete manufacturing. Voyagers can use the objects as soon as they have completed their manufacturing process.

Authoring Tools

Authoring Tools

Voyagers are also allowed to exchange templates and create objects for the Otherside Metaverse. It promotes the collaboration between users in the platform. The objects can be designed in 3D, and include animations and audio. Voyagers can use the tools to shape their own surroundings and build structures.

Automated Detailing

To meet the standards of the metaverses, several steps are provided in the manufacturing process. These include cool features such as automated optimizations to add details on materials such as shades, colors, and scripts. Details are also tested to see if they are compatible.

Moderation Checks

A moderation check is required to scan the objects and ensure that they meet all specified community guidelines. Tags must be applied to content to restrict it from certain groups such as NSFW, etc. Voyagers can directly control the type of content displayed within their world.

Resource Trading

ODK also allows users to trade all resources manufactured within the game or those earned through gameplay. Though, details are not available on the gameplay earning aspect of resources yet. It is already known that some objects may receive special properties during the final manufacturing process.

It is important to note that as the world is still under development, the manufacturing process is not clearly explained.

How to buy land in Otherside Metaverse?

How to buy land in Otherside Metaverse 2

Virtual real estate in Metaverse, including Decentraland and the Sandbox, has gained immense popularity during the last two years. All metaverses consider land parcels as registered NFTs in blockchain, which makes it easy to define their ownership. Being a virtual real state game, Otherside Metaverse also offers its users NFT lands, referred to as Otherdeeds.

Therefore, users must first obtain Otherdeeds NFTs to join Otherside Metaverse. Considering the limited parcels of land offered by Otherside, users can purchase NFT lands from the secondary market such as OpenSea, using their ETH.

Yuga Labs argues that an Otherdeed is more than just a piece of land. They believe that Otherdeed allows users to be a part of a digital revolution and participate in co-creation of new metaverse experiences. Since each Otherdeed is an NFT recorded in a blockchain, users will have full ownership and control over their lands. They also can use all resources from their lands to build and shape their environments.

For BAYC / BACK / MAYC Holders

BAYC, BAKC, or MAYC holders have the chance to mint Otherdeeds NFT lands since Yuga Labs has reserved a limited number of Otherdeeds for them. The first minting period was in April 2022, when a total of 100,000 Otherdeed NFT lands were auctioned and sold immediatly for over $3000 million. The remaining 100,000 Otherdeed lands will be distributed among individuals who contribute to the development of the game.

No surprise that, due to the high demand on Otherdeed lands in Otherside Metaverse, users tried to outbid each other and created a significant increase in gas fees. There were report on high gas fees to mint Otherdeed lands.

Licensing of Otherdeeds

An important highlight in the Otherside land Metaverse definitely is the ownership of the virtual land. The ownership of an Otherdeed NFT entitles the customer to trade it, which has been crucial in the Otherdeed NFT market, reaching a value of around 200,000 ETH in secondary sales.

However, the Otherdeed NFT does not entitle the owner to rights of any image or intellectual property pertaining to the NFT. The Otherside Licensing Agreement also serves as a vital highlight for the Otherside land NFT ecosystem. The licensing agreement prevents any NFT owner from making profits from other creators’ NFTs. As of now, the Otherdeeds serve the personal and non-commercial utility of display in a virtual gallery.

The future of the Otherside metaverse

Yuga Lab’s extreme levels of success possibly are the best guarantee for what Otherside project may come to. Introducing Otherdeeds and Kodas, and considering unlimited possibilities of what Animoca and Improbable along with Yuga Labs can bring to the table, it seems the success of the project is already promised.

However, it is obvious that Yuga Labs still very much values the Bored Ape and wider NFT communities. Yuga seems to be trying to exude the values associated with BAYC, as they have stated that Otherdeeds holders will be the major builders of Otherside. Otherdeed collectors do not need any special or technical knowledge. All Individuals and companies can apply for a Software Development Kit (SDK) to be involved in building characters, character skins, structures, in-game items, minigames, and more for Otherside.

A final word

The Otherside metaverse is directly associated with the popular Bored Ape Yacht Club ecosystem. It aims to empower users through providing a powerful set of tools to develop the metaverse. This new metaverse tries to open a new perspective on improving the interaction between human and technology. The developer team has not provided many details about the Otherside metaverse components and working system. However, the reputation of the Yuga Labs and their partnership with other well-known companies in the digital world may provide favorable opportunities for the further growth of the Otherside metaverse.

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How to get to the Otherside metaverse?

Players must purchase Otherdeeds NFTs from the secondary market such as OpenSea to join the Otherside metaverse. The floor price of Otherside Metaverse starts from 2.05 ETH.

What are the Kodas capable of?

Kodas are intentionally mysterious creatures to help users know the Otherside metaverse. They all craft up an intriguing storyline for the Otherside metaverse.

What is the Otherside marketplace?

The Otherside marketplace is an in-game hub to buy and sell assets within the game. All the transactions will be on ApeCoin for transactions. All the characters, outfits, tools, structures, and games produced with SDK can also be bought and sold in the marketplace.

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