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Web3 and Metaverse will transform the Internet

Websites, apps, and platforms now access the Internet. Since they’re independent, they can’t communicate or share data. Even though digital transformation has advanced, the current business model will eventually hold businesses back. According to the 2022 Accenture Technology Vision report, 95% of executives believe that future digital platforms must provide unified experiences that allow customer data to be shared across platforms and spaces. Many follow the metaverse new to risk missing anything!

Despite these issues, a new internet is coming: 1) The metaverse continuum, an internet evolution that lets people share experiences in both real and virtual worlds; and 2) Web3, a new way to build a “distributed” layer on top of the internet using blockchain and tokenization.

These demonstrate the next generation of the Internet, which moves beyond fragmented interactions to seamless, immersive experiences.

Web3 and metaverse changing the Internet

Simply put, the digital world is changing, and the metaverse and Web3 will become crucial to businesses’ digital strategies. How companies sell services, use data, advertise, and create content will be reconsidered.

The metaverse will rebuild the internet as a persistent 3D environment with a sense of place, making switching from professional to social platforms as easy as crossing the street. Web3 technologies will create a data layer that simplifies verification, trust, and quantity control. This new internet will be more human-centered and valuable.

Businesses must decide their internet future now. Do they want to help create this future or just watch it happen?

Signs of changes

Over the past 18 months, digital changes have shown that “wait and see” will soon be “look, it’s already happened.” Businesses are already rethinking digital and finding new ways to profit from it.

BMW recently digitized 31 factories. The models use real-time data to create a photorealistic 3D environment that includes machines on the floor, people at their stations, and their work-order instructions.

Digital twins teach robots how to move around factories, experiment with designers from around the world, and simulate individual task training. Employees can also push software updates, monitor cells for issues, give floor robots “missions,” and teleoperate specific machines.

Solid, by Inrupt, lets people use Personal Online Data Stores to manage and store their data, a great Web3 innovation (Pods). Large organizations and governments can now build websites or apps that interact with Pods and give people permission to access the data they need to do certain tasks. Solid, like all Web3 technologies, lets each party judge their data. Creating a web-wide transaction and trust layer.

Technology adoption and related services accelerate online. After 15 years, there were 6.6 billion smartphones. Tomorrow’s Internet will become today’s.

Steps to Take 

Business leaders should immediately evaluate new products and services and teach their executives about the technologies that will power their business. As metaverse and Web3 technologies improve, the next generation of digital businesses will be willing to try new platforms and data structures. Consider these:

.Invest in the cloud: Cloud services and platforms will shape the new metaverse, so invest. Enterprises can’t exist without secure application sharing infrastructure. Cloud-based apps need microservice architectures and APIs to be easy to use and share. You should take these steps now regardless of the metaverse’s outcome.

Focus on skills:  Metaverse businesses need 3D artists, game designers, and platform experts. Web3 opportunities require businesses to have worked with multiple blockchains. They must network, find partners to enter new markets, and create new business and operational models. Immersive design tools are improving, making them easier to use.

Find partners: Make new alliances and ensure your organization can participate in future collaborations. Consortiums and industry standards bodies will help companies collaborate and create cross-platform experiences. When a new technology is emerging, businesses can agree on a framework to make their services easier for customers.

The metaverse and Web3 are big technological changes that are making it easier to switch between the many digital platforms we have today and rethinking how data is used across digital experiences. They will create new business lines, working methods, and business-to-consumer interactions as they build a new internet. Many organizations have never had a better chance to design a new digital world.

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