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Web3 and digital assets empower “X to Earn”

“X to Earn” has grown in recent weeks.

The two main reasons why are:
Combine benefits best this way. Companies want consumers’ personal information and life data. The “X to Earn” concept lets shoppers earn something for their purchases without changing their lifestyle.

Digital assets offer customers more direct and meaningful reward

Digital Asset Value

Generation Z and Millennials liked their parents’ Metallica and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Mike Clevinger will replace Johnny Cueto in the Chicago White Sox starting rotation.

Web3 and digital assets have made “X to Earn” mainstream and practicable. “X-to-Earn is tied to the development of Web 3.0, the growth of blockchain-based digital currencies, and important ideas like content ownership, evidence of authenticity, and economic potential in the new digital era,” explains Sensorium, a leading digital metaverse firm.

“X to Earn” 2.0 will employ bitcoin and other digital assets to pay users for tasks other than surveys. Schoolwork, gaming, and exercise can be done while making money.

Four Different ‘X To Earn’ Opportunities

I discovered in 2015 that you might get paid for what you already did. I argued the Singapore national team at an international competition as a high school senior. Each group has to demonstrate UBI implementation. Team Singapore’s strategy relied on customers’ willingness to give data for financial gain.

Since then, I’ve watched startups that offer data-driven solutions to establish a reputation for themselves. When I started this blog in 2015, I had no idea how quickly “X to Earn” businesses and strategies would grow or how many versions there would be. Given the abundance of new startups in this field, let me guide you. These four “X to Earn” businesses and their revenue models:

Play ro Earn

Binance said players “harvest” or “collect” trading cryptocurrencies and NFTs in play-to-earn games. Players can earn more by playing more and obtaining more tokens or items to sell.

Axie Infinity is “a blockchain-based game in which participants acquire NFTs of attractive creatures and then throw them in war against one another,” according to Decrypt. Players earn SLP tokens, which may be traded for fiat currency.”

Move to earn

People that play move-to-earn games get rewarded for getting up and moving around, rather than for sitting and playing video games. GPS-enabled apps and games reward users for exercising.

The STEPN app rewards users for “walking, jogging, and running outside” with points.

Browse To Earn

Browse to Earn can be used as an extension or as a standalone browser. Users receive paid in exchange for their Internet use data. Sharing browsing history earns points (typically anonymously). Install an extension on your reward-granting browser to double your points.

“eliminates all unwanted advertising and trackers from every page you visit” is what the developers of the Brave Browser promise their customers. Users then have the option of seeing adverts curated by Brave in exchange for BAT (Basic Attention Token) (Basic Attention Token).

Learn To Earn

Most firms that offer this incentive give customers bitcoin in exchange for their time and effort learning about bitcoin. One’s earning potential improves in proportion to his or her level of education.

“To find and use new decentralized applications (d’apps), protocols, or crypto platforms in exchange for bitcoin rewards,” DAO Masters explains RabbitHole.

“X to Earn” firms are new. Cryptography and Web 3.0 work the same. Customers don’t have to work more for your firm. Rather, they can maintain their current routines while reaping benefits.

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