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Web3 and Decentralized Education

NFTs opened up an entirely new universe of revenue streams for artists worldwide. Blockchain technology has enabled them to reach a worldwide audience and market their content in novel ways. Art represents only the tip of the iceberg. NFTs are dominating gaming, business ownership, and other profit-sharing options.

Education may constitute the next version of Web3. Teachers are undervalued and underpaid globally, despite the fact that they are responsible for educating the world’s most valuable players, our children. Animoca Brands is tinytap’s parent company. Blockchain technology grants educators access to new funding opportunities and the capacity to generate equity.

The inaugural auction sale of TinyTap’s Genesis Collection of Publisher NFTs was successful. After the second auction concluded on December 18th, he entered the top ten on OpenSea with 104.5ETH volume, for a total of 240ETH for both auctions.

TinyCourses Publisher NFT is a method for promoting education and connecting academics to Web3. A publisher offers NFT co-publishing rights to a TinyTap course, which is a curated collection of educational games created by an educator on the TinyTap platform. In essence, holders of the Genesis Collection become “co-publishers” of the linked courses alongside TinyTap and the course author. By enhancing user engagement, publisher NFT holders receive a portion of the content’s value when a learner engages with it.

decentralized education

Since decentralization permeates so many businesses, there is no reason to exclude education from its application. TinyTap facilitates the transfer of payments directly to teachers, rather than through huge educational institutions. TinyTap has a collection of over 200,000 early childhood education-focused instructional games, 100k teachers and experts, and millions of families who play and learn. The application is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

Teachers on TinyTap are already compensated for producing content within a conventional Web2 architecture. Animoca Brands has assisted them in entering Web3, which has significantly increased their earnings potential.

Participating instructors get fifty percent of the net proceeds from the auction of Publisher NFTs related with their courses and ten percent of any ongoing revenue generated by the class. Buyers of Publisher NFTs are entitled to up to 80% of any money produced by their NFT courses due to their promotional efforts. In November 2022, Learning English with Gabi had the highest sale in the first auction, netting $37,600, 13 times the average monthly wage of an Israeli teacher.

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