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VRJam introduces a Web3 platform for virtual concerts and live events

Live events and virtual concerts will be held at VRJam. It is one of many upcoming Web3 metaverse entertainment platforms.

VRJam claims that anyone can use its website to access virtual worlds after five years of development. Participants in the VRJam can make use of Meta Quest 2 headsets or other systems. My PC, Xbox controller, and Meta Quest 2 joined a session.

The company uses real-time motion capture and visual effects, according to CEO Sam Speaight, to provide creators with the most lifelike virtual experience. Digital fan experiences can be reinvented by content creators, celebrities, artists, and cultural brands.

Speaight stated, “We’ve been chiseling away at this for five years.”

New tools will be provided by VRJam to businesses and artists to host metaverse live events. Additionally, Epic Games awarded a MegaGrant to Speaight, and the company collaborated with the Ethereum scaling blockchain protocol Polygon.

In collaboration with NASA data-based Martian 3D mapping company Mars4, VRJAM Coin was introduced.

VRJam will have a new immersive live events venue called Planet Polygon. Fans of video games, music, and esports will have access to an interactive, branded virtual arena thanks to Polygon’s blockchain solutions and VRJam’s metaverse world-building.

I wandered around a concert venue for a while, watching flashing lights and listening to a DJ. I also got to see a regular home that looked like something out of The Sims, with a barbeque grill and a bunch of fake Belgian beer and people at a block party.

While controlling all on-screen content, broadcasters will make comments and engage with viewers. Live events from Planet Polygon will be streamed on Twitch and YouTube.

With Mars4, VRJam will metaverse-build Mars Block 398. Similar to Google Earth, Mars4 replicates a 3D model of the Martian terrain using NASA Mars data. The two parties will construct an integrated community gathering club on Mars with a full VR experience, panoramic view, real-time chat, interactive (3D) game objects, galleries, meeting rooms, huge open spaces for performances, and joint events after developing the plot.

Straight says The multiverse platform developed by VRJam is years ahead of its rivals. It provides an ongoing virtual world with frequent live events. It produces fresh, new non-fungible tokens that are innovative (NFTs).

VRJam develops “fan experience” esports using its in-game cryptocurrency, VRJAM Coin. On its multiverse platform, it distributes and makes money off of NFTs, professional player, and spectator content.

VRJam has been on a long journey to combine blockchain and immersive technologies to transform the digital experience since it was formed by Ivo Slivkov and Speaight in 2017. In London and Amsterdam, they used Meta Quest 2 VR or Windows PCs to launch the business.

“We’re immensely proud of that, to be honest,” Speaight said. “I’m not sure how many companies there are in our space who can say that they did it on zero VC money.”

Tens of thousands of users are something Speaight hopes to support. They created it. On the Matic blockchain, VRJam is a live experience platform that improves interactivity between people. Both the metaverse and human life will be improved by it.

The founder of N.W.A, Arabian Prince, Jonas Tempel, Scott Hagen, CEO of the company that makes vintage turntables and music technology called Victrola, and Susan Paley are all members of the VRJam advisory board (CEO of DropLabs & former EVP of Beats By Dre).

Other mentors include Steve Satterthwaite, managing partner at Red Light Management, Richard Widgery, a legend in the movie business and CEO of Take4D, and Andrea Chang, a tech expert and vice president of Photon Engine (partner at Web3 VC, NGC Ventures).

According to Speaight, “We want to bring our live events solution for immersive spaces to brands and content creators so they can engage with audiences in more authentic ways than are available today.”
According to Speaight, the platform will offer apparel and avatars to make money. In addition to selling event tickets, it is working on a content creator advertising solution.

According to him, it essentially involves using 3D graphical avatar objects to promote companies and goods inside the virtual environments we create. And that is actually the goal in terms of generating income and establishing Web3 advertising.

Most of the work was completed in three years. Once we fixed the platform, I was able to move around in 3D space and take in a concert. Similar to Second Life from 2003, but with more recent upgrades.

Speaight said they’re finally launching the consumer-facing public platform.

Players are greeted at a landing zone by a DJ booth and flashing lights. You can hump into new spaces using a controller or keyboard, just like in a multiplayer video game. While flying through the areas, you can film your event. The video was of good quality, and you could project a playback for the virtual world to see.

As Speaight said, business conferences can take place inside. Without installation, it functions in a browser.

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