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University of Singapore VR Glove lets users touch metaverse

The VR Lab at the University of Singapore was in the metaverse news today working on new technology that will soon let people move around in virtual worlds. By putting pressure on the tips of the fingers and limiting their movement, the technique is meant to feel like real picking up. The idea is that doctors and nurses can train in a virtual environment, but we can see how these could also be used to play games that feel very real. Shortly, the making process will begin.

Why does SMU have a glove for virtual reality?


The virtual reality glove is a big step forward in wearable technology because it is a haptic system that works without any other devices and is completely wireless. Because the feedback loop is so fast, the glove can interact with the metaverse almost in real-time. This means that end users won’t notice a delay almost at all. The gloves are also meant to be less bulky and cheaper than similar ones that are already on the market. Because of this, Singapore’s National University’s HaptGlove is an even more impressive piece of wearable technology.

Who can put this on?

The glove was made by the National University of Singapore for use by medical students and residents at the National University Health System. Users will be able to do things like hold surgical tools or feel a patient’s pulse with this technology. Also, the glove has a built-in haptic system that is meant to make the user’s fingertips feel like they are being pressed on in real-time. As virtual reality (VR) becomes a testing ground for cutting-edge health technology, medicine is at a turning point that could have big effects on the future. Along with other trends, like the move toward Web5, it’s important to keep an eye on this one.

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