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Towards a Future Gaming Experience in the Metaverse

Nike just introduced its.Swoosh platform, expanding its attempts to develop a thriving metaverse community by entering the metaverse area. Every single day, the metaverse achieves new heights. The technology that will revolutionize the digital world’s appearance in the near future is already widespread, with corporations like Nike and Adidas, as well as classic game stars like Manel Sort and Candy Crush, entering the realm of Web3.

Metaverse generates an immersive visual experience that match new technologies like blockchain, IoT, gaming VPN, and 3D visualisation.

“One of the main reasons we started G4AL was because we truly believed and witnessed the metaverse and blockchain to be the next big thing, especially the next generation of gaming. With G4AL, we aim to fully capitalize on the advantages of hosting games within the metaverse/blockchain such as ownership, decentralisation, increased engagement and an immersive experience.” says the team at G4AL.

But what is the hoopla and why is the metaverse so influential? Can it exist with existing game formats? Let’s discuss the metaverse and how it drives next-generation gaming to find the answers.

The development of online games

Prior to the development of blockchain-powered multiplayer games, players were avid fans of multiplayer games. However, blockchain is fundamentally changing how online games are played. Gamers are astounded by its potential applications in NFTs and cryptocurrencies, which include the possibility to tokenize in-game objects and sell them for cryptocurrency. Depending on the specific game regulations, players can either sell their assets or horde them until they get prizes from the platform. The global success of NFT games has been lauded by those with a penchant for real-money gambling and cryptocurrency-based markets. In addition to the profit, these games gained popularity due to their realistic depiction of real-world objects and gorgeous visuals.

Now: gaming in the metaverse Metaverse games are the product of recent advancements in the gaming industry. Players are accessing Web3-based games to experience next-generation gaming, while businesses are prioritizing decentralized projects since the future appears to take a decentralized approach. As is the case with the upcoming title Elemental Raiders, in-game ownerships and game economics continue to be one of the most essential considerations when designing metaverse and Web3-based games.

Creating a sustainable, controllable, and long-term economic model within play-to-earn games, while focusing on the actual gameplay experience, while incorporating aspects such as the battle pass from Fortnite and Battle Royale, remains a focus. Through their game pass features, studios like as G4AL are bridging the gap between free-to-play and play-to-earn, enabling users to earn when they wish. Gamers can collaborate, invite their friends, and interact within Web3 economies or the so-called metaverse in order to play games together. Due to the interoperability of various systems within the metaverse, players can transport their virtual commodities between areas with minimal modification.

What type of technology facilitate the expansion of the gaming metaverse?

Recent metaverse breakthroughs have compelled video game producers to adopt appropriate game formats.

They employ cutting-edge technology such as blockchain and AI to develop more immersive games. The following are some of the basic tools required to construct a gaming metaverse:

Virtual reality and augmented reality systems: The key technologies driving the development of the metaverse are augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), which offer a fully immersive and exhilarating 3D experience. AR employs visual elements and characters to convert the real world into a virtual one. Compatible with mobile phones and other digital devices, the system enables users to have an immersive experience anywhere they go.

With blockchain technology, it is easier to construct decentralized metaverses that utilize cryptocurrencies. Possibilities such as digitally demonstrating ownership, transferring value, gathering digital assets, and interoperability are enabled. Due to the fact that cryptocurrencies are based on real-world currency, they can be utilized to conduct business in the metaverse, a 3D immersive environment.

Internet-of-Things (IoT) networking: The IoT enables the metaverse to collect and utilize data from the actual world. It connects the metaverse to numerous physical devices, allowing virtual objects to adapt their behavior to environmental parameters such as temperature and humidity.

Despite familiarity with 3D technology, the COVID-19 outbreak has significantly increased the frequency with which 3D model reconstruction is undertaken. Numerous real estate companies have begun utilizing virtual tours to better showcase their properties to prospective buyers. The metaverse, a revolutionary concept, has been using 3D recreation to improve the experience of other existing technology.


While the metaverse is in its infancy, many companies have created next-generation gaming systems. Such forward-thinking projects as Decentraland and Sandbox are likely to be followed by similar endeavors by major internet giants such as Microsoft and Facebook. In the near future, this will result in a significantly improved metaverse.

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