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Top 10 metaverse games to play in 2023

In recent years, the word “metaverse” has seen a rise in popularity as an increasing number of companies have begun to see its potential as a technology that would support the economy of the future. Despite the fact that the phrase is increasingly being used interchangeably with “online” and “internet,” its definition is still capable of being rather vague. It is important to have a firm idea of the meaning of this term in light of the widespread belief that the metaverse will soon become the “next big thing.” The word “metaverse” refers to a collection of technologies that enable users to participate in and become a part of connected digital worlds. It derives its name from the combination of the Greek word meta, which translates to “beyond,” and the English word “universe,” and it’s essentially an expansion of our existing world.

Metaverse gaming is the current gold rush in the world of technology, and game creators are declaring and adding metaverse principles into their already established game mechanics to capitalize on this movement. Sometimes, these arise with the introduction of NFTs and blockchain technology into the ecosystem of the game, which leads to the rapid expansion of crypto-based play to earn (P2E) gameplay models and marketplaces for exchanging virtual assets.

Even if the idea that drives metaverse games is still relatively new to even some of the most experienced players, it is still something that should be tried at least once. The enthusiasm that has been generated around the metaverse, and in particular metaverse games, is not showing any signs of slowing down. And for all we know, this could continue for some time until it becomes an essential part of our life, much in the same way that the internet is now.

As the world prepares to accept and embrace what the majority of people refer to as the “future of the Internet,” a number of metaverse games have recently gained popularity. This work will merge many virtual worlds that exist beyond the games.

What do you need in order to play games in metaverse?

You will need the following items in order to play even the most basic games:

A reliable internet connection

The faster your internet package’s speed, the better.

A VR headset

A VR headset

It may not be required, but it will make the experience better. VR gadgets can cost thousands of dollars, but you have options like Google Cardboard, which uses your phone and a cardboard viewer, headsets that connect to a PC (Valve, Sony, HTC, and HP) or console, and wireless units (Oculus Quest).

PC or mobile device

PC or mobile device

If you don’t have a headset that works on its own, you’ll need a PC or phone to connect your headset to.

The blockchain wallet

If you want to play metaverse games that use cryptocurrencies or digital money, you’ll need a blockchain wallet.

The gaming industry’s utilization of the metaverse is simple. Using blockchain technology, the gaming industry is developing games that provide an identical experience to gamers across the world at the same time, indistinguishable from real life.

The gaming industry’s metaverse experience is one in which the games are interconnected worlds in which you may convert in-game tokens to fiat currency and trade and sell your avatars and in-game items. These freedoms ensure the widespread popularity of these games. Having stated that, let’s examine the top games currently available in the metaverse:

Best metaverse Games

Here are 10 metaverse games to try now:

  1. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity

The first game on this list [Top 10 metaverse games] is what many would agree is the most well-known and often played metaverse game currently available. The 2018 edition of this game by a Vietnamese startup was influenced by Pokemon. In this game, players acquire Axies, which are fantastical creatures that may be bred, raised, collected, and traded. Each organism has around 500 unique body parts. The combinations of the Axies determine their skills and attributes. You can either chase riches or engage in combat with other Axies for rewards.

You can earn tokens by either looking for treasure with your team of Axies or engaging in combat with other teams of Axies. You have the ability to buy land and build houses for your soldiers as well.

The value of Axies and other in-game items is controlled by non-fungible tokens, also known as NFTs, or digital certificates of ownership. Players have the option of lending three of their Axies to scholars or other players in order to obtain tokens. Axie Infinity Shards, known as AXS, serve as the major currency in this game. You can acquire SLP tokens, also known as smooth love potions, by completing in-game challenges and winning battles against other players. In order to breed Axies, you will need AXS tokens in addition to SLP tokens.

One of the factors that contributed to the success of this game was the fact that it was played in the Philippines at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. People turned to Axie Infinity as a means of earning NFTs, which they subsequently traded for profitable returns following the widespread loss of jobs. The vast majority of individuals are of the opinion that it is the shining example of the NFT gaming business.

  1. Decentraland


In the game Decentraland, which was established in 2020, the in-game currency is called Mana, and it can be used to build avatars. In addition, you may acquire wearables and buy real estate within this virtual world, which comprises of 900000 different land parcels. In addition, land can be rented out, and you can generate cash by hosting concerts and selling tickets to those shows.

One of the primary reasons that many people adore Decentraland is due to the fact that, in comparison to other play-to-earn games, it is not nearly as complicated. It gives players the opportunity to make good money while using their imagination. Additionally, it enables the creation of tradable in-game products that may be purchased with real-world currency.

MANA performs two primary functions in the Decentraland metaverse:

Mana may be used to purchase LAND and other in-game commodities.

MANA is also a governance token, meaning MANA holders can participate in the governance choices of the network via a DAO.

In November 2021, MANA peaked at a price of approximately $5. However, the subsequent bear market has affected the MANA price, and it is currently trading at approximately $0.8 per token with a market valuation of roughly $1.5 billion.

  1. Sandbox


A smartphone game initially launched by Pixelfowl cofounders; this is a user-generated platform. In this game, you become the owner of every blockchain-based asset you generate. In this game, you can also obtain and exchange land.

The primary form of currency in the Sandbox is referred to simply as “Sand.” You have the ability to buy, sell, and trade individual lands as well as estates, which are groups of lands that may be found on the Sandbox map. You also have the choice of putting these properties up for sale in the OpenSea NFT market.

The fact that players are given the opportunity to create their own games and place them within the metaverse is the aspect of this game that stands out the most. Additionally, it provides users with an outstanding experience in the development of content through the utilization of smart contracts and blockchain.

  1. Illuvium


It has been stated that Illuvium is a “true triple-A, 3D blockchain game. In this game, you have to look for creatures called Illuvials, catch them with shards, and heal them. You can then use these creatures to fight other creatures or other players. You can get weapons and armor from the world around you.

After tournaments and quests, you get Illuvium crypto, or ILV, as a reward. You can trade ILV on the IlluviDEX.

If each of the three illuvials has reached its maximum level through battle, you can combine them into a single new creature once you have all three of them in your possession. This will increase the worth of the illuvials.

  1. Chain of Alliance

Chain of Alliance

This role-playing game, published in 2020, has NFT monsters that can be customized. Each time you play a round of the game, you will need to select and field eight monsters, provide those monsters equipment that will offer them the best possible chance of victory, and compete with the other players for the available rewards.

  1. My Neighbour Alice

My Neighbour Alice

You create, take ownership of, and tend to virtual plots of land and islands that are suitable for farming in this game. This is a game very similar to Farmville, and as the player, you get to choose the plants and animals that you want to grow and breed on your virtual farm. You could also earn additional revenue by becoming a beekeeper and selling honey if you did so. In addition, you can improve your status in the game by taking part in activities, shared quests, and competitions with other players.

My Neighbor Alice promises to deliver robust economics with DAO (decentralized autonomic organization) governance, which will be run by community members who own ALICE tokens. This is in addition to the game’s charming and relaxing gameplay, as well as its building features. The DeFi features of NFT staking, collateralizing, and renting assets via smart contracts are all made possible by the blockchain ecosystem.

The player can interact with these supporting individuals while assisting Alice in her daily activities. They earn rewards based on their game-playing activities and time invested. Utilizing in-game NFTs in the form of buildings, animals, vegetation, and so on, players can also design, decorate, and customize their properties.

  1. Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds

Our seventh recommendation is alien worlds. Alien Worlds, a 2020 play-to-earn galactic exploration game, requires you to mine Trilium (TLM), the official in-game currency, from six planets. Trilium (TLM) – the in-game currency – can be staked in order to participate in Planet DAOs, primarily to vote for council candidates in weekly planetary elections. Staking also increases the reward pool for miners on each planet.

Numerous tools are available to users for mining on different planets. Additionally, it is possible to purchase higher-quality equipment that will guarantee more Trillium on your outings. One of the benefits of this game is that no initial investment is required to begin playing. It is possible for users to increase their earning potential by utilizing default tools and others that cost less than $1.

  1. Sorare


Do you spend the majority of your time playing FIFA 21 on your console? Sorare is the best play-to-win game for you if you wish to familiarize yourself with the metaverse. This game allows you to use real money to develop your team. Therefore, it differs significantly from fantasy football.

Using Sorare, one can purchase a deck of cards, which are generally based on real players, with cryptocurrency. It supports more than 200 licensed clubs throughout the world, offering you numerous possibilities.

You can buy cards on Sorare and use them to construct your fantasy teams. As a cardholder, you can earn points based on how the players on your card perform in actual matches. Weekly, the teams with the most points would receive the opportunity to create new cards as a reward. Moreover, Sorare has announced a Series B investment of approximately $680 million, making it one of the most financially successful metaverse games. Ubisoft, a prominent video game developer, has created a game utilizing NFTs produced on Sorare.

Sorare is now one of the most user-friendly online metaverse games.

  1. Start Atlas

Start Atlas

Star Atlas is a next-generation metaverse game that was built on one of the fastest blockchains, such as Solana. The game features a robust P2E mechanism and an interesting and engrossing plot. Spend some time familiarizing yourself with the constellations after obtaining your Star Atlas. Constellations are patterns formed by groups of stars in the night sky. There are a total of 88 constellations, but you do not have to learn them all at once! Start by learning Orion’s constellation. Orion is one of the easiest and most recognizable constellations to locate in the night sky. After locating Orion, search for the three bright stars that comprise his belt. Alnitak, Alnilam, and Mintaka are these. These three stars create a nearly perfect straight line in the night sky and are very easy to detect.

Once you’ve located Orion’s belt, search for two brilliant stars that create a V slightly below it. These two stars, Betelgeuse and Rigel, are known as the shoulders of Orion.

  1. Fortnite


Fortnite, the flagship game of Epic Games, began as a Battle Royale-style open world role-playing game and has added more types of virtual experiences to its universe as its fan base has grown. Today, Fortnite can be seen as a prototype for future metaverse games.

The aim of multiplayer gameplay in the digital world of Fortnite is to be the last player standing while battling other players and in-game obstacles. Players can gather items, explore the world, and construct structures to gain an advantage in combat.

But the metaverse potential of Fortnite truly starts with the way you can build worlds in Creative Mode and trade items you’ve found or made yourself. In Creative Mode, players can build their own islands and invite other players to hang out or fight on them. On the Fortnite platform, users can also make their own games and play them with other people.


Since the metaverse is still in its infancy, numerous companies have already released cutting-edge gaming consoles. Future-focused ventures such as Decentraland and Sandbox were just two examples, whereas Microsoft and Facebook are launching their own original metaverse initiatives. As a result, a much better edition of metaverse is possibly in the future.

Batman VR and Resident Village VR are only a few of the many games that have already been released, and many more are still in development or have not yet been released. As of now, almost every company wants to test their game in a metaverse environment, so they have either begun game development or at least have an idea of how to create a game for this platform. Since this is a relatively new technology, primarily large companies have begun numerous projects, particularly in the gaming industry.

The nature of change in an industry such as gaming is still largely unknown, despite the fact that change is a constant in this industry. For this to occur, all that can be done is wait.

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