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Tommy Hilfiger to launch first-of-its-kind multi-metaverse hub

Tommy Hilfiger is moving toward interoperability with a multi-metaverse hub that will be shown for the first time at Metaverse Fashion Week. Tommy Hilfiger will open a place in Decentraland that connects to all of these other platforms from March 28 to March 31. This place will bring together important metaverse destinations like Decentraland, Roblox, Spatial, DressX, and Ready Player One. This will let the company see how customers react when they can access the same brand through different channels. This has the power to jolt the metaverse news today!

Emperia, a company that makes technology for online stores, made the hub. It is set up to look like the brand’s TH monogram and has a wide range of goods. Customers can find collectible POAPs and other NFTs, DressX-powered digital fashion, art by Web3 artist Vinnie Hager, AR virtual try-on options, a photobooth, and an AI fashion design competition (the winner of which will be selected by Tommy Hilfiger). From this monolith center, users can open gates to the many metaverses and explore them all while wearing a digital Tommy Hilfiger jacket.

Tommy Hilfiger’s designs reflect Metaverse Fashion Week

Jemma Spiers-Ware, senior director of 3D experience and digital product for parent company PVH, says it was important to follow Tommy Hilfiger’s design guidelines and keep the brand’s look and feel. She says that Metaverse Fashion Week’s “two essential symbols, the Tommy Varsity Letterman Jacket and the TH Monogram, have become well-known trademarks.” The red, white, and blue brand colors of Tommy Hilfiger are used to decorate the different rooms.

The name of the company owned by PVH is well-known in the metaverse. In September 2022, along with its New York Fashion Week show, it also had a Roblox show. People who go to the show might get an NFT for free. Tommy Play, the company’s Roblox hub, is one of the main parts of the fashion metaverse. Tommy Hilfiger was one of the seven American fashion designers who dropped NFTs with the Council of Fashion Designers of America in December to celebrate the group’s 60th anniversary. In preparation for its return to Metaverse Fashion Week, the company is now opening its hub.

Spiers-Ware says that testing and learning are the most important things. We can find out what the community wants from us by testing it and asking the first people to join us on this exciting adventure. We can do this by looking for opportunities where fashion and technology meet.

Interoperability, which is when two or more virtual worlds work together so that people can move freely between them, would be helpful if it worked. Residents of Metaverse and Web3 have wanted this for a long time, but it has been hard to set up. The center that Tommy Hilfiger made makes it easier to learn about the metaverse. By making it available through Decentraland, users won’t have to go to a lot of new places and won’t have to download any extra hardware to do so (where MVFW is housed). By entering Roblox or Spatial through a gateway with the Tommy brand, the user journey is made more efficient.

Olga Dogadkina, co-founder and CEO of Emperia, says that one of the main problems with the metaverse as a concept right now is that it is spread across many platforms that don’t talk to each other or work with businesses’ existing digital channels. By coming up with an interoperable method, we are able to close this gap and add multi-world experiences to the companies’ Web3 and e-commerce strategies while keeping their Web2 user base.

Users will still have to start in Decentraland, which is probably less appealing to newcomers than, say, the company’s e-commerce website. Dogadkina says that interoperability is important for more people to use the technology. For 3D and immersive experiences to be common, the market must be educated and it must be easy for people to start using them.

Tommy Hilfiger’s futuristic metaverse project

Marketers can get data insights from virtual stores and places that stand on their own. Emperia may keep an eye on what users do in Tommy Hilfiger’s hub to see how they behave and what they’re interested in across the brand’s many metaverse offerings. This cross-data strategy is unique because brands have never been able to learn about platforms they don’t own before. When a user leaves the hub and goes to an external metaverse platform, Tommy Hilfiger will still be limited in the information it can get from that user. However, the centralized cross-platform navigation insights give companies a deeper level of information than they could get before.

The hub also has e-commerce capabilities. This makes a clear link between the marketing part of metaverse projects and real, physical (and digital) transactions. Four products, including the Tommy varsity jacket, will be shown in different ways on different platforms. They will be for sale both in the real world (through linked ecommerce) and online (through DressX). In the Ready Player One metaverse, you can buy the digital version, which can be worn in different places, but the physical version can only be bought in the hub.

Dogadkina says that by automating the payment process and immediately integrating with the retailer’s e-commerce platform, “we allow users to use their preferred payment method, reducing friction, boosting user confidence, and increasing online sales.”

The goal is to use data insights and Emperia’s technical skills to improve how users experience the metaverse and how they take part in it. Dogadkina says that they should lead to more brand loyalty and better e-commerce performance.

Even though this offering might only be available during Metaverse Fashion Week, that doesn’t mean it won’t lead to a longer-lasting connected fixture in the future. Spiers-Ware says that testing and learning are important parts of our strategy “This is a fun first step on our way to connecting across different platforms.

Martijn Hagman, CEO of Tommy Hilfiger Global and PVH Europe, says that Tommy Hilfiger’s use of the metaverse is in line with the brand’s focus on the future, and the company plans to keep making progress in this area. He says that Tommy Hilfiger has always been a company that uses fashion, music, art, and entertainment to bring people of different races together. “At the moment, Web3 and metaverse platforms are making it easier for the brand to do this on an excitingly large scale. This makes it clear why we will continue to be the best when it comes to being open to everyone and taking care of the environment in the years to come. Add it to our promise to do so in public.

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