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Thousands laid off as Google shifts focus to AI

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has announced that it will lay off about 12,000 people because it hired too many people for Covid during a time when the economy was slow.

The company also wants to shift its focus to artificial intelligence (AI) and do more work in that area. This is because Microsoft, a competitor, is talking about making a big investment in the popular AI chatbot tool ChatGPT, which was first reported by Reuters.

Alphabet isn’t the only tech giant letting go of thousands of employees. Just a few days ago, Microsoft fired about 11,000 people, and in November, Meta fired about 10,000 people. After hiring a lot of people, these companies want to become “leaner,” just like Alphabet.

AI related Alphabet firm activity

Thousands laid off as Google shifts focus to AI

Microsoft is purportedly interested in investing $10 billion USD in Open AI’s popular chatbot ChatGPT. This is putting pressure on Alphabet who is a major competitor to Microsoft.

Recently, Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai tweeted about the company’s continuous interest in artificial intelligence (AI) and attached a lengthy history of its past efforts, including examples of the use of generative AI technology as early as 2014.

Google’s imagen tool has generated numerous forms of generative content, including still images, video, and audio. According to Reuters and sources with knowledge of the topic, Alphabet is reportedly working on a major AI launch for the future. With the advent of artificial intelligence, the tech giant will shortly unveil over twenty new products and its own search engine with chatbot features.

“AI must be pursued responsibly. Powerful language models can help people with many tasks, but without care, they can also generate misinformation or toxic text. Generative models can be used for amazing creative purposes, enabling people to manifest their imagination in new and amazing ways, but they can also be used to create harmful imagery or realistic-looking images of events that never occurred,” shared the tech giant in a research document on responsible AI development.

The company concluded its report by stating that “new advances in AI present an exciting horizon of new ways computers can help people get things done.”

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