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This week in the Metaverse: Metaverse Could be the World of the Year, Johnie Walker introduces NFTs and Mattel develops NFT Marketplace

Despite the shorter work week in the United States due to Thanksgiving, news was abundant. The Argentine national soccer team’s crypto token plummeted, Rockstar Games rejected non-fungible tokens, and “metaverse” won the Oxford English Dictionary’s Word of the Year competition.

While the holiday is typically a time to watch football with family, some folks tuned in to the World Cup to watch a different kind of football (or soccer).

Although I normally root for the United States and Mexico during the month-long event held every four years, I was shocked by Argentina’s surprising loss to Saudi Arabia in the World Cup group stage this week.

After Tuesday’s loss, a group of crypto investors reportedly sold the Argentine Football Association’s Fan Token immediately, bringing its price down by more than 20%. The token is one of a number of crypto assets promoted by professional soccer teams that allow fans to vote on (usually minor) club issues and get incentives. Some clubs, such as FC Barcelona, have gained millions from the sale of fan tokens, which have become a new revenue stream for sports teams.

Nevertheless, not everyone is as enthused about Web3 technology. Rockstar Games, the developer of the Grand Theft Auto video game franchise, has announced that it will prohibit crypto and NFTs from the Grand Theft Auto fan server. Some player-run servers used NFTs to provide select users with unique vehicles and weapons, however this is no longer permitted.

Minecraft Developer Mojang Studios said earlier this year that the Microsoft-owned game will no longer permit NFTs on its servers, spawning a number of popular projects such as NFT Worlds, High and Dry.

The term “metaverse” is now officially one of the top three contenders for the Oxford Word of the Year award. As we discussed last week, the number of trademark applications for Metaverse applications has surged for obvious reasons. As Meta VR pursues its quest to construct the Metaverse and other similar sandbox and decenterland Web3 versions, an increasing number of businesses and individuals desire to participate.

In other news

Johnnie Walker and music company 88 are on the rise. has released a limited edition Johnnie Walker Blue Label NFT.
During this week. The bottle was designed by vandythepink, a streetwear designer. Johnnie Walker issued a limited amount of Johnnie Walker Blue Label Bottle NFTs valued $355 on Tuesday, which users can sell on the Blockbar marketplace or redeem for a bottle.

metaverse platform sandbox is a part of Animoca Brands, has announced that it will sell 1,900 pieces of virtual land to people who want to own a piece of the virtual world. The land parcels are in the new neighborhood’s sandbox, and 14 brands and famous people support them. The sale will start on November 24 and go on for three years, from 2020 to 2023. snoop dogg, Paris Hilton, Time, Tony Hawk.

This week, Mattel, the company that makes Hot Wheels and Barbie, launched its own NFT marketplace called Flow Blockchain. The new marketplace won’t require buyers to pay with cryptocurrency, and a peer-to-peer trading platform could be added as early as 2023. On December 15, the company will release a batch of Hot Wheels as its first NFT collection on the new platform. NFTs begin at $25 for a pack of seven, which can involve cars like McLaren, Chevrolet, Honda, Aston Martin, Oldsmobile, Pagani, and Cadillac.

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This week in the Metaverse: Metaverse Could be the World of the Year, Johnie Walker introduces NFTs and Mattel develops NFT MarketplaceDaniel is a Web content creator and technical writer who loves talking about Web3, NFTs and other blockchain-related topic and news.

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