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New RobotEra metaverse token may be more valuable than The Sandbox

The Sandbox was one of the best-performing assets during the previous bull market and grew to become one of the world’s largest metaverses by stock price. It was one of the most noteworthy pieces of metaverse news in 2022.

Throughout 2022, however, competition in the industry has increased, and Sandbox has steadily lost market share to new market entrants such as RobotEra.

In place of the Sandbox, RobotEra entered into a new era for the metaverse. Learning from the successes and failures of previous metaverse projects, the RobotEra metaverse is centered on providing as much utility as possible to its users.

Participants in the RobotEra metaverse assume the form of a robot and are free to construct anything they desire.

It is possible to construct entire cities and planets in the RobotEra metaverse, provided that the land is purchased.

The TARO token is RobotEra’s currency

Every metaverse has its own token, and the TARO token is central to the RobotEra metaverse.

TARO is used to purchase all items in RobotEra, including skins, land, and other essential items.

Similarly to how MANA and SAND are the native currencies of their respective metaverses, the TARO token is required for all transactions on the platform and is used to distribute rewards to players who participate in the metaverse’s games.

In recent years, investing in the native tokens of specific metaverses has proven to be highly profitable; Grayscale even has its own MANA fund.

RobotEra’s DAO

The RoboteEra DAO is at the forefront of RobotEra and reflects the team’s dedication to decentralizing the platform’s governance.

To shape the future of the RobotEra metaverse, anyone with TARO tokens can participate in the platform’s governance by casting votes and influencing the future of the RobotEra metaverse.

This is of the utmost importance because it enables the team to leverage the collective intelligence of their community and grow and develop the project far more efficiently than would otherwise be possible.

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New RobotEra metaverse token may be more valuable than The SandboxMahKa loves exploring the decentralized world. She writes about NFTs, the metaverse, Web3 and similar topics.

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