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Thirdweb, Web3 Development Platform, Shopify Launch Commercekit

thirdweb and Shopify have launched Commercekit, an all-encompassing framework for developing Web3 commerce applications. thirdweb is a technologically innovative platform for developing NFT and Web3 apps. Shopify has welcomed NFTs and the metaverse, therefore its name appears in the metaverse news.

According to the US Census Bureau News, 13% of all retail sales are now made online. With the arrival of Web3, retailers will have more opportunities to improve brand recognition, encourage sales, and recognize loyal customers.

Commercekit will provide the essential tools to developers in order to enable the construction of Web3 retail experiences.

With Commercekit, you can design applications that provide merchants with potent new methods to interact with their consumers, such as the distribution of NFTs to form customer segments for future campaigns, the award of NFTs for customer loyalty, and the selling of NFTs as a separate product category.

Sadly, the state of the art for Web3 e-commerce development tools is outdated. Commercekit is designed to accelerate the integration of Web3 products into Shopify stores by combining thirdweb’s fast smart contract deployment with Shopify’s ecommerce features.

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