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Apple VR has continuity with iPhone and Mac devices

Apple was previously mentioned in technological news, but its name is now appearing in metaverse news as well.

If a new patent is granted, Apple VR will be available on iPhone and Mac in an instant.

The reported Apple VR headset may have a secret weapon, according to a recently uncovered patent, and it’s all about making these devices work together seamlessly.

You are likely familiar with Apple’s ‘Continuity’ capabilities, such as Universal Control and Handoff. For those who aren’t, they allow Apple devices on the same Wi-Fi network and using the same Apple ID to connect with one other, such as sending a FaceTime video chat to the larger screen of an iPad or using a single keyboard and mouse to handle a Mac and an iPad Pro while sharing files.

The related Apple VR patent, entitled “Multi-Device Continuity for use with Extended Reality (XR) Systems,” describes how these Continuity features could be implemented in a virtual reality environment, giving the Reality Pro headset a competitive advantage.

The reality expanded

The patent describes scenarios such as a user reading an email on an iPhone and then transferring the text to a “larger” virtual display on the panels of the headset using a hand gesture or gaze gesture.

The concept could be applied to almost any current Continuity example, such as selecting an Apple Music streaming song on the headset and activating it by simply looking at the HomePod speaker, or wearing the headset while using a MacBook Air to automatically create additional virtual displays around the physical screen, giving you more workspace.

Patent applications are never a guarantee that a feature or product will ever be available to the general public. But, Apple has always excelled at providing value to its product ecosystem by pushing interoperability between devices and services.

Continuity is a feature that its user base is already aware with, and a cursory review of the aforementioned instances demonstrates its potential advantages when incorporated into a head-mounted device. In contrast to competitors such as HTC and Meta, Apple’s Reality Pro headset is compatible with a vast array of different devices, which is a key advantage that the competition cannot match.

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