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The Polkacity Metaverse now provides Bitcoin mining

The Polkacity Metaverse has had nice metaverse news for the worlds of NFT and metaverse. It enabled Bitcoin mining.

Polkacity Metaverse has announced the launch of its long-awaited mining operation. Users will be able to mine POLC in the Metaverse beginning January 3 and share newly mined POLC with owners of PolkaCity NFT miners.

The increased mining capacity is expected to increase interest in the system’s Metaverse currency and provide Metaverse residents with more ways to earn money. Users can now purchase NFT miners and be paid in Polkacity for each POLC created.

PolkaCity’s mining operations are a way to engage users and make the platform self-sufficient. Metaverse and River Financials collaborated on a service like this in 2022.

POLC, the Metaverse coin, can be mined with miner NFTs until 2022. Metaverse and River Financial purchase bitcoin (BTC) miners for their Texas operation. Profits are then divided among NFT holders based on the cost of the NFTs.

Polkacity is now testing the platform independently. Users can now purchase NFT miners, allowing them to participate in the Metaverse and earn rewards.
Polkacity NFT miners will operate as follows:

The newly created BTC will then be sold, and more POLC will be purchased from users.

POLC will be distributed to POLC Metaverse miners who are PolkCity residents during this process.

When the market buys back POLC, the token’s value rises

It’s important to remember that how much you earn from mining is determined by a variety of factors, including the price of bitcoin, the difficulty of mining, and the efficiency with which you mine. Finally, Polkacity stated that user earnings would vary. When the value of POLC falls, the users’ income rises.

The hash rate of a $400 NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) 3060 card is approximately 150 MH/s. PolkaCity sells an NFT miner for $400 with a hash rate of 4 TH/s.

According to research, cryptocurrency mining in the United States could emit an additional 27.4 million tons of carbon dioxide between 2021 and 2022, which is three times as much as the country’s largest coal plant will emit in 2021.

The halving of Bitcoin (BTC) is scheduled for 2024. It will be fascinating to see how Polkacity handles this situation.

Because they mimic real life, metaverse platforms are gaining popularity. They are, however, young, and the industry is still in its early stages. Mining is generally regarded as immoral, thus it is intriguing to see a metaverse platform use it in a novel way to generate revenue.

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