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The Netherlands tops new survey as the most metaverse-ready country

A new study by Uswitch shows which countries are prepared to adopt the metaverse based on more technical standarsd, like fixed broadband speeds and prices.

Consumers are going to have to deal with the metaverse and digital reality whether they are prepared or not. But from a technological point of perspective, there are some places in the world that are more ready to accept a digital future.

Uswitch, an internet and telephone service researcher, launched a new study to evaluate whether countries have the capacity to embrace the metaverse by analyzing fixed broadband speeds, broadband package prices, the number of blockchain financial start-ups, and the price of high technology exports.

The Netherlands is at the top of the list because it has the greatest conditions for this type of technology. The Netherlands has one of the fastest average fixed broadband speeds, with 106.51Mbps, according to the study. Last year, evey person in the country exported about $6,000 worth of high-tech products. A different survey found that consumers in the Netherlands were also the most interested in the metaverse.

The Netherlands are followed by Switzerland, Lithuania, Malta, and France. All of the top five countries are known to be active in the emerging Web3 space. Malta has been a crypto and blockchain centre for a long time. The United Kingdom and the United States placed seventh and twelfth, respectively, in the metaverse development space.

Despite recent turbulence in the Web3 space, the metaverse continues to advance in its development.

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