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The metaverse will have zombies, and they can get you in real life!

We’ve all seen this scene play out in a variety of zombie movies: The roaring, squirming mass of diseased flesh that makes up the howling army that charges the fort. Far too many of these exist! “Back off!” Inconsistent and far-off shooting. An insanity-fueled staccato representing the desperate flight of the last human… After then, there was dead air. If you want to know the latest information, you can refer to Metaverse News and keep your knowledge updated.

Mris (Latvian for “plague”), a variant of the notorious Mirai botnet, crashed the party this past summer with 250,000 “zombies,” or compromised devices, and their attack puts the one depicted above to shame. In a massive Decentralized Denial-of-Service (DDoS) assault, the botnet could reportedly send up to 21.8 million requests per second to its victims, causing the victims’ overloaded servers to crash.

One study predicts a 37% rise in DDoS attacks next year. One major entry point for cybercriminals is through botnets made up of compromised IoT gadgets. And this is actually just the start. Some of the events taking place in the tech industry right now could end up helping hackers and opening the door to unprecedentedly large-scale assaults.

The expansion of the metaverse is only going to cause more problems.
Since the parent company of Facebook changed its name to Meta, there has been a lot of talk in certain circles of the technology industry about the metaverse, a combination of the real and virtual worlds made possible by virtual reality and augmented reality. In actuality, this would entail attending a business meeting while donning a peculiar-looking helmet and surrounded by 3D-animated cartoon versions of your investors.

Simply put, this means that soon enough, everyone’s office and house will be full of interconnected electronic devices. Two cellphones are all you need to start doing business in the metaverse (via Zoom), but there’s a good reason why the market for conference cameras has exploded recently. You have likely invested in high-tech equipment that allows for crystal-clear video and crystal-clear audio during your calls. A few motion sensors and body-heat sensors could be helpful in preventing traffic jams, which is essential for both safety and convenience. Join it all together using a data platform to collect sensor readings and build a comprehensive management system.

The idea of transforming a workplace, factory, or power plant into a metaverse node is still in the conceptualization phase. It is expected, however, that many networked gadgets will have to be brought in. If we are no longer content with viewing the digital world through a normal screen, we must integrate headsets, which have yet to become mainstream; sensor-equipped wearables for greater VR/AR controls; and wall-mounted sensors. The Internet of Things (IoT) gadget sector was thriving even before the metaverse dream became a reality, and its growth would be accelerated by the advent of the metaverse.

The bad news finally arrives now. Before going on a spending binge for Internet of Things devices because of the metaverse, we should probably take a deep breath and collect our thoughts, as all too often we are unable to adequately secure the devices that are already installed.

Afterlives of the machine

Security is a major problem in the Internet of Things industry. A recent survey found that IT professionals are most concerned about security threats stemming from improper management of connected devices. That’s probably for the best, as a huge surge from 2020 shows that hackers compromised 1.5 billion IoT devices between January and June of 2021. While many hacks are likely to be nothing more than harmless jokes, some might lead to real data loss and expensive recovery efforts. The latter is what companies would rather not talk about, so there is an element of strategic uncertainty at play.

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