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The metaverse is getting a greenhouse and garden filled of NFT flowers

The metaverse is going to get a greenhouse as well as a garden very shortly, and both of these spaces are going to be filled with NFT flowers.

The Heterosis project lets people collect digital flowers that can be bred and change over time. These flowers are kept in a metaverse rendition of London’s National Gallery.

Users are able to reconstruct their digital identities and investigate new paths for artistic expression and individuality using Web3, which is one of the features of this platform. This is particularly true as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) become a more dynamic and customizable investment option.

Join the metaverse greenhouse

Heterosis is a new project by and On March 8, a set of dynamic NFT flowers that holders can breed and change was released.

After the first mint of the NFT flower, users can “breed” flowers to make hybrid species by looking through the larger catalog of available flowers. The project’s announcement says that, just like natural selection, when a new flower trait is found, it spreads through the whole population.

Flower collectors who wish to hybridize their NFT blossom must pay a small charge to the owner of the flower they wish to breed with, thereby establishing two virtual flower markets: one for the sale of rare digital flowers and one for the sale of DNA traits.

Additionally, the NFT garden’s flowers will be contained in a “metaverse greenhouse” designed by El-Gabal and modeled after a dystopian version of London’s National Gallery.

Real-time audio and video renderings in the cloud enable access to the greenhouse via a web browser, a mobile device, or a virtual reality headset. Mat Collishaw and Danil Krivoruchko are the collection’s creators.

Collishaw stated that he desired to create an art form unavailable outside the metaverse. Krivoruchko stated that creating a digital art collection for an NFT project that has the potential to evolve with various characteristics was the most difficult thing he had ever done.

Heterosis’ immersive environment and interactive features constitute an important development in digital art and NFTs.

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