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The EU hosted a “gala” party to unveil their €387,000 metaverse

This week, the EU launched its metaverse platform with a virtual celebration. Only six persons were present.

Imagine that you planned a party and nobody attended. It is every host’s worst fear, and when you’ve spent over €400,000 on the venue, it’s much worse. This past week, the Foreign Aid Department of the European Commission threw a party in the metaverse to raise awareness among younger audiences about the job they perform.

Reports indicate that only six individuals made a digital appearance at the event. The department aims to support countries across the globe, whether through grants to developing nations, investments to eliminate poverty, or contributions to climate financing.

It has spent €387,000 on its metaverse platform, which is intended to promote the EU’s Global Gateway initiative, which hopes to see €300 billion invested in the construction of new infrastructure in numerous countries. Vince Chadwick, a journalist, was one attendee who did show up to the “gala event”

“After initial bemused chats with the roughly five other humans who showed up, I am alone. I am alone,” he tweeted. To see the feedback of famous people in this field, you can follow Metaverse news.

The metaverse has a “24-hour beach party”

The purpose of the event was straightforward: to inform young people about the EU and attract them to a space where they could learn more about its activities.

A spokesperson for the Commission told that the goal was to “increase awareness of what the EU does on the world stage” among 18-to-35-year-olds found “primarily on TikTok and Instagram” who are “neutral about the EU” and “not typically exposed to such information”.

Chadwick said that upon arrival to the “24-hour beach party” with a beautiful island setting, just five other attendees were present.

Guests began to leave the gathering shortly after exchanging a few words, leaving Chadwick as the only remaining avatar. It is thought that the Global Gateway’s metaverse dark went live at the middle of October and is presently operational.

According to the EU’s International Partnerships account, it is a forum where people may think on global concerns to affect our shared future.

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