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The CEO of predicts that metaverse games will thrive in the future

In an exclusive interview with Finbold, the CEO of the gamified social platform, Remigijus Zinys, discussed some of the obstacles preventing metaverse games from competing with traditional ones. Before metaverse games can outshine existing games, he enumerated several criteria they must meet.

During the interview, Zinys provided advice on how gamers can monetize their skills and transform the hobby into a profitable business, in addition to focusing on the fundamentals of gaming. He also discussed the existing gaming stereotypes and the most effective way to combat them. is a social gaming platform with a matchmaker that caters to the needs of players who want to spend quality time online. Their goal is to enhance the online gaming experience by enabling users to find the best teammates, combating toxicity, and gamifying the online presence.

Remigijus Zinys states, “Our team and I myself are all vivid gamers, with many of us playing video games for decades already. For me, gaming always was about discoveries – new graphics and physics, new stories and worlds to explore, and new communities and people to meet. It was something that always got me excited – and thus, a desire to share this passion with others grew. Previously, I founded, which became a community for gamers and made me wonder how to help everyone have a better time playing online – as many have shared their struggles and frustration of playing with strangers online. Thus was born – to help gamers have better online gaming and socializing experience.”

When Zinys and his team were describing what is, one aspect stood out as the most important: giving the user control over the data. Therefore, selecting blockchain as the platform’s foundation was a no-brainer. It enables us to easily transfer ownership of digital items, such as in-game items and social platform posts.

Zinys is developed on blockchain technology not to follow trends or enable rapid gains, but to give individuals ownership over their own data.

One avatar for all online activities, including content creation and gaming. On Breach, all online activity contributes to the user’s profile advancement, allowing them to level up and earn various incentives.

When asked how to choose a safe gaming environment for children, responded, “Many individuals have a false impression of video games.” Without context, people do not consider gaming a hobby. People fear the unknown; rather than attempting to see the positive aspects of video games, they attempt to reinforce their negative attitude. This reminds me of the 1950s, when comic books were outlawed because they were falsely blamed for rising teenage crime rates, although having nothing to do with it. He continued, “I feel that when properly regulated, video gaming may be one of the best hobbies for children. They can aid in the development of problem-solving and pattern-recognition skills and serve as a means of social interaction. It is the ideal approach to spend valuable time with your children by overcoming obstacles or solving problems in virtual environments.”

Clearly, there are numerous games that may not be appropriate for youngsters. And there are various methods for determining which games are appropriate for a child, including reviewing marketing materials, reading online reviews, and, finally, playing the game yourself to determine whether your child should play it; as many gaming platforms offer refunds, the last method is increasingly recommended to parents, as there is no better method of moderation than playing it yourself. social platform MVP is now undergoing closed testing with investors and partners, with several features still in development. The alpha release is scheduled for the end of the first quarter of 2023, but the date is not set in stone because it is being built from the ground up and may encounter unforeseen obstacles.

The alpha release of their native game, Project Apidom, which will further establish the miniverse aspect of the platform, is also scheduled for Q1 2023. During the game’s alpha release, crossplay will not be supported, but the final release will be available on both PC and mobile with crossplay fully supported.

They already have a registration list for those eager to gain access to the alpha release, along with booster packs for those who sign up first.

From Zinys’s perspective, gaming by itself is not a suitable means of generating revenue. he believes Playing video games does not create any real value, and such a revenue model is not self-sustaining, as they observed with Axie Infinity, which only generated revenue through continuous investments. Gaming is a form of entertainment, but it is not currently a viable source of income.

On the other hand, creating content by making videos, streaming, or writing can earn money because it generates a product and value that others are interested in. However, he would advise against monetising gaming itself, as this would merely turn video games into another sort of labor, diminishing its attractiveness as a pleasure.

Gaming is a pleasurable activity. believes that we should focus on this and the three other benefits that gaming can provide: education, entertainment, and socialization.

Metaverse is currently a popular topic in the gaming industry. According to you, can metaverse games surpass traditional games? What does the future hold for the entirety of the metaverse?

Zinys affirmed “In my perspective, “metaverse” games are considerably different from traditional ones in many respects, including aesthetics, gameplay, story, and characters. Meta (NASDAQ: META) is spending billions of dollars to establish a sustainable metaverse, but is unable to compete with Second Life’s achievements over the past two decades. There is still a very long way to go before metaverse games even catch up, let alone surpass traditional games.” he added And while the metaverse appears so juvenile at the moment, it reminds me of the original Internet, which is so far apart from what we have today. With time, finances, and a developing community, the vision of the metaverse as we envision it will become a reality. Currently, we can produce goods and miniverses to prove to the world that this is an idea worth working on. It is time for technology to catch up with the ideas.”

What are Zinys’s five all-time favorite games, and why?

What follows is an explanation of his thoughts:

Diablo 2. It offered such a jaw-dropping amount of various ways to build characters already back in the day. Even now, the available skills and abilities are still impressive to me.

Borderland series. Because of the unique games’ atmosphere. It is gritty, sorrowful, and at the same time, so frantic and reckless, so well depicted with those cel-shaded objects, colors, and art style – it is a unique series that has a special place in my heart.

Witcher 3. Incredible graphics for the time of the release and an immersive story. Playing the game makes me feel like I am Geralt himself, exploring a huge world and a believable story that just feels so natural.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Graphics (considering they are from 2006), combat mechanics, and intricate crafting system (items also looked gorgeous!). I think it’s really an underrated game that was unfortunately overshadowed by Skyrim.

Heroes of Might and Magic 3. It is the game that I played in my childhood. It was complex and challenging, pushing young me to the limits – and the feeling of a challenge has since remained something that I strive to find in video games.”

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