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The 4Space Design studio views the metaverse as a constructed form of space

The 4Space Design studio views the metaverse as a constructed form of space, as opposed to merely a visualization technique.

Architecture and interior design have undergone three major revolutions in the past two thousand years. Romans invented concrete first. Then steam arrived, ushering in the industrial age as we bowed our heads. How far can they climb? The plastic revolution occurred concurrently with the Space Age, but it resulted in lava lamps. Lava lamps are galore.

Currently, the Metaverse revolution is taking place because conventional reality is becoming authoritarian. “You cannot do that” does not resonate with a generation that has access to incredible technology. Anyhow.

Virtual and augmented reality are transforming digital design. Firas Alsahin, a designer from Dubai, believes the Metaverse is closer than you might think.

In five years, we will all own digital assets, according to Alsahin. On virtual land, a contract, title deed, certificate, or virtual property may exist. It is similar to having a website.”

Architecture and interior design terms are evolving for a Metaverse that can be explored for both its utilitarian and aesthetic value. Instead of interior designers, virtual architects and meta-space designers are employed by 4SPACE.

Alsahin predicts that brands and companies will be eager to participate in the next major trend. To reach their customers, they must invest in the digital realm.

Alsahin was founded in Damascus in 2001 by a tech-savvy team employing the most advanced technologies of the early 2000s. In Dubai, 4SPACE developed virtual reality, 3D modeling, and augmented reality. “Metaverse has become a buzzword in technology,” he says, “offering numerous opportunities to architects and designers.”

In the near future, users will be able to utilize augmented reality smart glasses, which are computer-capable glasses that superimpose computer-generated or digital information over the user’s actual surroundings.

To create these metaverse environments, more designers and architects will need to master virtual and AI technologies. According to Alsahin, the software can use textual descriptions and visuals to generate images and concepts. “The question is whether AI will replace human creators.” “No,”

He believes in the artistic potential and cultural evolution of the Metaverse. Virtual, augmented, and mixed reality will become significant not only as a visualization technique but also as a designed form of space.

Alsahin’s lifetime ambition is the Metaverse. As a child in Damascus, he drew and brought to life sci-fi worlds using Legos. It is now better.

Using technology, the Metaverse will advance sustainable, biophilic architecture and design. Human intelligence is superior to high-tech computers when it comes to certain ideas. However, automation and AI have a place in architecture. The Metaverse can streamline processes and increase both creativity and productivity.

Alsahin adds that when designing something, it must be durable; this is a truly sustainable approach. A waste-reducing, enduring design that does not fade over time. Permanence is contingent on timelessness.

“But beyond that,” adds Alsahin, “there is the very important aspect of sustainability, which is that when you design something, it should have longevity—that’s a truly sustainable approach. Design that doesn’t fade out, that still looks good over the years, is durable, and reduces waste. Timelessness is a big deal in terms of sustainability.”

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