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Soulja Boy is “the first rapper to do a live show in the metaverse”

This past week, limewire had a great start at the Metaverse Music Festival in Decenterland, which was one of the main steps. Limewire Stage has big-name headliners like Soulja Boy, A$AP Ty, Quincy, and Elijah Blake, as well as many other talented artists like Escapeplan, Lil Bitcoin, Orrin, and more. It had 17 artists, 4 days, and 927 minutes of special music and performances from those artists.

In addition to the enthralling live performances, LimeWire’s digital merch collection was named among the top five creators in Decentraland last week, with the LimeWire exclusive digital sneakers being the third most popular item, with over 3,000 sold by attendees. Multiple LimeWire glasses have been claimed. The main stage featured a designated VIP area for LimeWire Originals NFT collection holders and special guests, as well as on-site artist content.

The festival took place in an out-of-this-world cyberpunk landscape that was being taken over by nature. It had 15 uniquely designed stages with 180+ musical artists from a wide range of genres and new interactive experiences.

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Soulja Boy is "the first rapper to do a live show in the metaverse"MahKa loves exploring the decentralized world. She writes about NFTs, the metaverse, Web3 and similar topics.

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