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Sorare Metaverse game explained

Sorare is a metaverse game that mixes fantasy soccer and cryptocurrency. Soccer fans feel the excitement of competition off the field and enjoy the online game. In this article, we provide a full guide about what Sorare is, how it works and how to earn money through this fantasy soccer game.

What is Sorare?

What is Sorare

Sorare is a football-based NFT platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. French developers Nicolas Julia (Co-founder and CEO) and Adrien Montfort (Co-founder and CTO) founded Sorare in September 2018 in Paris.

The platform is authorized to use the portraits of Major League Soccer (MLS) players. Sorare is supported by well-known players such as André Schürrle and Gerard Piqué.

Players can earn points through a competition with other users of this fantasy football game. Points are awarded in-game based on building strategies and creating lineups. Players need to beat other users within the leagues by getting the most points.

NFTs, on the other hand, add an extra dimension to Sorare. In the game, game cards are NFTs that can be traded outside of the game on marketplaces like Opensea and Rarible. Therefore, players try to get a card in demand to make high profits.

Sorare makes use of licensed players from over 200 teams. So gamers are allowed to choose from digital trading cards featuring AC Milan, Juventus, Liverpool FC, Real Madrid, the Paris Saint-Germain FC, J.League teams (Japan), La Liga (Spain) and Major League Soccer.

How does Sorare work?

Being a fantasy soccer game at its core, Sorare offers a different kind of experience to online football gamers. Rather than selecting player names from a list provided in the game, users buy digital trading cards tokenized on the Ethereum blockchain.

These NFT cards can be sold freely as crypto-collectibles. In fact, the NFT cards are the core of Sorare game. The game offers crypto prizes to be won as well as unique and rare cards.

Sorare provides various leagues for its players, including the Rookie, Under 23 and Regional Leagues. Each player can use the cards they currently possess to set a new lineup every play week.

At the end of the week, the performance of the counterpart soccer players in the real world determines the number of points earned in the game. Sorare users with the highest points are qualified to win special rewards like rare cards and Ethereum tokens.

How to play Sorare?

How to play Sorare Metaverse

The core of the game is the collectible digital cards or NFT cards. When users sign up for the Sorare gameplay, they get five cards of players for free.

Users do not need to invest any money at the beginning. However, if players want to level up their game, they need to do some trading. Each soccer team has five essential positions: the goalie, defender, midfielder, striker and substitute player. The player cards can be purchased on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea. The real-time performances of the soccer players influence the number of points within the league games. Competitions are pointed every week in virtual tournaments.

To protect the dynamics of the game, rare collectibles NFTs, in a range of rare, unique and super rare items, are also provided. All Sorare NFTs can be bought or sold with the cryptocurrency Ether (ETH).

What makes Sorare so unique?

Sorare is unique in that it combines fantasy soccer games, sports collectibles and crypto NFTs. The most popular crypto NFT collectibles in Sorare is the NBA Top Shot series. Besides, Sorare has official licenses from multiple global soccer leagues which allows using of real team names, player photos and card art from some of the world’s most popular soccer clubs.

Sorare is currently the only fantasy soccer game with the extent of widespread licensing, which allows the game to offer a significant competitive advantage.

Players in Sorare game

Gamers can select the players to fill each position until the team is ready. Also, the extra slot is used to fill in for another position on the team. Just like a real team, Sorare teams also include a defender, a midfielder, or a forward. Gamers can arrange their team considering the players who may score well during the game.

Then, gamers must select their team’s captains. Notice that the captain is eligible to score an extra 20% bonus points in a game week. Teams are not allowed to enter the competition without a captain.

When the final lineup is finalized, it’s time to start playing Sorare! Gamers can join the tournaments and collect points. Also, they can go to the Market and buy premium Sorare NFT cards.

What do Sorare cards do?

Sorare players earn points by participating their teams in leagues and winning the games. Each card has a Player Score and the scores are calculated relative to a player’s real-life performance in his games. To calculate a Card Score, the Player Score is multiplied by card bonuses based on captain status, season, and history of points. Finally, each team’s total score is the sum of the five cards’ Card Scores.

Different types of cards in Sorare game

Different types of cards in Sorare game

Player cards on Sorare are categorized based on colors and levels of rarity. The game allows a limited number per color to be minted. Owning a card means owning an NFT. There are four degrees of scarcity for Sorare cards:

  • Limited Yellow: For each season, 1000 copies of every player are minted as Limited cards.
  • Rare Red: Rare cards have 100 copies per player minted every season.
  • Super Rare Blue: Only 10 copies of Super Rare cards per player are minted per season. They are highly collectible and every gamer looks for them.
  • Unique Black/Brown: With only 1 card minted per player per season, Unique cards are the most powerful and the most expensive among all other cards. Collectors seek to own more Unique cards in their collections.
  • Common cards (Gray): These cards are the ones gamers use in tournaments early on. They are viable throughout the progress in the game, though they are not NFTs.

Earn money through cards

In the traditional versions of digital games, gamers may acquire and utilize in-game goods but they never own them. However, in Metaverse games, like Sorare, collectible card games are more similar to real-life trading cards and gamers can own them as NFTs.

With NFTs, gamers own the items they get, much like if they were collecting physical cards. The Sorare cards cannot be duplicated or taken from the owner since NFTs live in a blockchain system.

How to sell Sorare NFT cards?

How to sell Sorare NFT cards

When a gamer gets a rare card, it will then be available for trading in the next 48 hours. If a gamer chooses not to sell it by the time his listing expires, the NFT card remains in your gallery. However, when it is sold, the gamer receives an in-game email alert. The card will be removed from the gamers gallery and all future competitions.

The future of Sorare

Sorare is still a young company, but it has already managed to partner with some of the biggest names in the soccer world. The number of available teams is expected to grow as Sorare continues to sign new partnerships. As new teams are created in the Metaverse game, there will be an increased demand for cards, which, in turn, drives up the value of existing cards.

In addition, Sorare has partnered with big names in the gaming and sports industry, such as Ubisoft, Serena Williams and Major League Baseball. Sorare partnership with sports characters opens up a whole new world of possibilities for Sorare card owners to discover more exciting uses for their cards.

Therefore, it is believed that investing in Sorare and Sorare cards could make a big profit for gamers and NFT owners, However, gamers are required to do more research before their investments.


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