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Sony enables NFT transfer for interoperable gaming

Sony Interactive Entertainment, a gaming giant, is taking steps to increase the interoperability of assets, not only between games but also hardware such as VR headsets, computers, and various consoles.

This move is aimed at improving the gaming experience for players by enabling them to transfer in-game assets across different devices and ecosystems.

To achieve this goal, Sony Interactive Entertainment has submitted a patent application that would allow non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to be transferred between different games and consoles.

The patent would enable interoperable Web3 gameplay for Sony products such as its flagship Playstation, allowing gamers to transfer their digital assets seamlessly across different platforms.

According to the patent application, the transfer of in-game assets between devices such as virtual reality (VR) headsets, tablets, computers, and smartphones would be permitted. The application also states that NFTs can be used cross-generationally (e.g., from PS4 to PS5), which means that gamers can still use their NFTs even if they upgrade to a newer version of the Playstation.

The patent application also details how NFTs would function for achievements and tournaments. For instance, if a gamer wins an esports tournament, the digital asset can be used via the NFT by the first end-user entity across plural different computer simulations. This means that gamers can keep their NFTs even if they switch to different games.

Sony also specified in the patent that the framework is intended to be interoperable with products outside the Sony ecosystem, such as the Xbox or a “cloud-based video game.” This feature will allow gamers to transfer their assets across different gaming ecosystems, regardless of the platform they are using.

To prevent players from repeating the same tasks to earn the same NFTs with different products or games, the patent application describes a function that includes declining to provide additional NFTs for subsequent additional performances of the task.

Sony has recently expanded its presence in the Web3 industry, forging partnerships and testing the first blockchain-based products. The company’s motion-tracking wearables released in November, allowing gamers to control their avatars in real-time with their bodies, are a testament to their commitment to improving the gaming experience.

In February, its internet provider division, Sony Network Communications, collaborated with blockchain network Astar to create an incubation program for companies focused on developing NFTs and DAOs with practical utility.

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