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Snow Crash manuscript that coined “Metaverse” will be auctioned by Sotheby’s

According to a page on the official website of Sotheby’s that the original manuscript of Neil Stephenson’s Snow Crash, the book that made the word “Metaverse” famous, will be sold at auction. The auction is part of a series called “Infocalypse” that starts on February 23 and has both physical and digital items related to the famous book.

Lot 2 of the series has the original text. It is “wrapped in original Xerox 4200 Paper,” taped shut, and has “corrections and notations throughout in Neal Stephenson’s hand in blue ink.” Also, the title of the book was written on the spine with a Sharpie.

In Lot 4, you can also bid on a “typesetting document that has been updated.” This is an updated version with corrections and notes written by hand by the author.

The cover art for the 1993 mass market paperback edition of the book, a leather jacket that was meant to be used in a promotional video for the graphic novel, slides that were used to explain the concept of the graphic novel, and a real sword that looks like the main character’s sword are all being auctioned off as part of the series.

In addition to these real-world items, the series will also have digital art NFTs that are based on the idea of the graphic novel that came before Snow Crash.

According to the publisher, most of the people in the dystopian world of Snow Crash, which came out in 1992, live in small storage facilities.

It told the story of the main character, Hiro, who is a pizza delivery boy who has to fight off bandits to get his pies to their destinations. Hiro spends all of his free time in “The Metaverse,” which is a virtual world where people go to get away from their bad lives. But because of a computer virus, people in the Metaverse had become “nothing but a jittering cloud of bad digital karma.” The main idea of the book was Hiro’s search for a way to stop the virus.

The Washington Post said more than 125,000 copies of the book have been bought. Since the book came out, people who like virtual reality have been calling the developing virtual world made by VR technology the “Metaverse” more and more. In recent years, the term has become a popular buzzword.

Because of the growth of the Metaverse, which has also changed the way Web3 gaming works, some people now have new job opportunities.

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