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Snapchat and Amazon to embrace AR for shopping experiences

With a virtual try-on system that allows users to choose from thousands of eyewear options, this is additional metaverse news.

Snap and Amazon Fashion continue to develop augmented reality (AR) technologies for immersive shopping experiences.

Initially, these are believed to contain an enhanced version of Amazon Fashion’s “Virtual Try-On” eyewear goods, allowing users to explore, shop, and virtually try on thousands of eyewear designs using Snapchat and then seamlessly finish orders through Amazon.

In the same release, it was said that customers are increasingly utilizing mobile devices and that over one billion orders will be placed via mobile devices in 2022. As the majority of virtual reality (VR) devices are either too bulky or too expensive for ordinary home usage, augmented reality (AR) through mobile devices appears to be the optimal method for the adoption of concepts such as the metaverse.

While the effort currently lacks any blockchain-backed components, it does pave the way for future collaborations and may be a significant benefit for the Web3 industry as a whole, given that Snapchat alone has over 363 million daily active users.

These users will now be able to virtually try on eyewear brands such as Maui Jim, Persol, Oakley, Costa Del Mar, and others, marking yet another step towards the dawn of a new era of immersive purchasing experiences.

“Amazon Fashion is always looking for new ways to collaborate with brands and create fun, innovative shopping experiences for customers,” shared President of Amazon Fashion Muge Erdirik Dogan, adding “millions of customers regularly use Amazon’s AR shopping technology across categories in our stores, with Virtual Try-On for Eyewear being a long-time customer favorite. We are delighted to partner with Snapchat and further expand AR shopping for both fashion brands and today’s new generation of digital shoppers.”

Interested Snapchat users can access Amazon Fashion lenses through the app’s official public profile, under the “Snap Lens Explorer” and “Dress Up” categories. Users will be able to browse other products and purchase them through the same store tab while browsing and trying on lenses.

While virtually trying on items is not a new concept, it was formerly slowly adopted and not generally utilized; nevertheless, as the technology becomes more advanced, major brands are beginning to employ it more, bringing retail one step closer to a more immersive metaverse shopping experience.

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