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Salesforce joins Web3 to reach more customers, prepare companies for future

Salesforce, the market leader in cloud-based CRM software, is entering Web3 to engage a new generation of customers and assist its clients with future planning. Salesforce is an example of a large firm that has entered the Web3 world, so it is understandable why it might be featured prominently in metaverse news.

Marc Mathieu, co-founder of Salesforce’s Web3 studio said, “It’s a new kind of relationship with a new generation of customers, with–at its heart–a new set of data.”

The company feels that now is a good opportunity for clients to start experimenting with decentralized tech, including crypto wallets and NFTs, given industry euphoria and inflated digital asset valuations are temporarily on “hold.”

“We think the wallet is the new cookie,” said Mathieu. “It’s gonna be embedded in all the brand’s websites, connecting your wallet. That’s a new data layer.”

Utilizing the cloud platform Hyperforce, Salesforce develops tools to automate its corporate clients’ customer care processes. Mathieu is a member of the company’s Web3 studio team, which is comprised of more than one hundred ambassadors from various industries and locations of the world.

In order to engage online communities and gain important data, the company last June unveiled the prototype for an NFT minting and sales platform.

A Salesforce representative told Bloomberg at the time that marketers could use NFTs to create loyalty programs and obtain access to exclusive online communities.

The company’s entry into the market surprised many, including its own employees, because it is not a native cryptocurrency company. In fact, months before the deployment, over 400 employees signed a letter opposing to the introduction of Salesforce’s NFT marketplace, emphasizing NFTs’ potential for speculative and environmental harm.

Mathieu argues that in order to answer to these critiques, the NFT rollout has made an effort, including waiting for Ethereum to move from the less effective “proof of work” consensus method to the more effective “proof of stake” consensus mechanism.

“If you used the Salesforce solutions in Web3, you bring in our values of trust, of sustainability, and equality to the party,” he remarked.

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