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Roblox metaverse full guide

Since the Metaverse has gained attention globally, almost all technology leaders have tried to take a step in the world of the future. One of these brands is Roblox, which used to be an ordinary gaming platform but making a lot of efforts now to establish itself in the Metaverse. Right now, Roblox is a free-to-play gaming platform, boasting a humongous user base.

In this article, we offer a complete guide to the Roblox metaverse, along with an overview of its popularity and existing state. You can also learn more about interplay between Roblox games and the metaverse.

What is Roblox metaverse?

What is Roblox metaverse?

Roblox began development in 2003 by David Baszucki and Eric Cassel.It mainly focused on game development and quickly became popular. Like many other gaming industries, Roblox also showed its interest to join the metaverse and create an immersive virtual world in the existing gaming platform and technology.

At the time being, Roblox focuses on creating the best possible gaming experience by making use of existing and proven technologies rather than AR, VR, and other similar technologies relative to the future metaverse. This has made Roblox metaverse one of the most popular and most successful platforms in the world of metaverse. Roblox provides a game development environment where users can create their own games and play the games created by others.

There are 47 million active users participating daily on Roblox metaverse, which indicates its wide popularity in the digital world. The number also suggests that Roblox has recently achieved significant growth.

Roblox metaverse develops and supports games that promote real-life events or brands. This can be by advertising upcoming shows and movies, or even just promoting existing brands outside the entertainment industry. It is exactly what Roblox does in mainstream culture, collaborating with huge franchises like Stranger Things and Nike and working on promotional, explorable events.

Relation between Roblox and Metaverse

Relation between Roblox and Metaverse

Simply put, metaverse is a collection of three-dimensional worlds where users can explore and interact with each other. The roadmap of Roblox metaverse explains interesting similarities between Roblox and the design of the metaverse in details.

Roblox is basically an immersive global game with various interactive elements such as creating unique experiences and participating in them as virtual avatars. Users must develop virtual avatars for exploring the metaverse platform, while they are able to customize their avatars. In this regard, Roblox metaverse allows users to become anything they want or participate in any event or activity of their choice. The flexibility of Roblox, alongside the important highlight of creating experiences, shows how Roblox qualifies as a metaverse.

Is Roblox metaverse popular?

As a virtual world that is independent of AR and VR technologies, Roblox is an early platform in the metaverse. As already discussed, it owns all the basic features that users expect from the metaverse, ranging from surreal virtual world experiences to a cryptocurrency-based economy. But what makes Roblox distinguished in the competition?

The first reason for Roblox’s popularity is its platform versatility and easily accessible requirements. Roblox is available on almost all major platforms such as Windows, Android, iOS, and Xbox. Other competitors are available only on a limited number of platforms. Roblox attracts more gamers as it has negligible usage of AR and VR, and it does not require users to buy headsets and other expensive equipment.

Roblox has also been striking the perfect balance between the creators’ and players’ flexibility, which provides a better intersection between physical and virtual worlds. This company focuses on creating relevant experiences for its audience and get relevant promotions on board to attract more users regardless of their age groups. At the time of writing, children under 16 are a major chunk of Roblox’s users.

How does Roblox metaverse work?

Along with other metaverses, the Roblox metaverse also functions with the basic elements of a virtual world, like items, currency, events, mini-games etc. However, Roblox is different in that it is a creator-driven platform. Other major competitors create their games and publish them on the platform.

Here are some important aspects of the Roblox metaverse that help it run its economy and keep its users engrossed.

1. Roblox Studio

Roblox Studio

The Roblox Studio is the company’s proprietary engine. It allows Roblox creator team to build virtual worlds and games. These creators also publish their purchasable in-game items. There are dozens of games developed by Roblox Studio, including Adopt Me! with currently 600,000 players, Arsenal, Break In, MeepCity, Phantom Forces, etc. The list suggests that a major part of the total 20 Million games produced are created by creatives studios such as Roblox.

2. In-game purchases

In-game purchases

Roblox metaverse offers a wide variety of purchasable items. One of the most important and popular items is clothing and accessories for avatars, which are the virtual personality of members of the metaverse. You may already know that avatars can be customized by simply buying gears and accessories.

Robux, the native cryptocurrency in Roblox, is used to do every purchase in the metaverse. Users are required to exchange real-world money for Robux coins. At the time of writing, 400 Robux can be exchanged for 4.99 USD. Besides, users can exchange any cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc., for Robux coins

3. Purchase digital items in metaverse

Purchase digital items in metaverse

Although all users are allowed to purchase in-game items, very few members of the Roblox metaverse are allowed to sell them. These few people are the members who hold a premium membership offered by Roblox.

4. Virtual events in Metaverse

Virtual events in Metaverse

Events such as concerts, shows and parties are the base of metaverse economy. The Roblox metaverse also aims to hold events which are suitable to its target audience, which includes minors.

Celebrities and singers such as Lil Nas X and David Guetta have performed in the past for the Roblox metaverse. It is clear that each event can have a different objective, like brand advertisement or tutorial for metaverse or NFT world.

5. Brand Collaborations

Brand Collaborations

Many popular brands have already gotten their share in the metaverse and have spent huge money to advertise themselves in the Metaverse. Roblox metaverse has also been a platform used by luxury brands to promote their products, including Spotify, Gucci, Nike, BBC, Netflix and Lego.

Roblox is a great platform for brand advertisement since it offers multiple channels to promote a branded experience, create a fan base, and attract the audience for a brand.

Popular games on Roblox

Roblox has created numerous top-grossing games which witnessed billions of visits during the few past years. The large number of Roblox followers in the gaming area emphasize the popularity of the content that the platform offers. Some of the most popular games developed by Roblox includes:

Adopt Me!

It is an addictive game for kids which involves hanging out in a very family-friendly world, raising animals and other activities which hook young people for long hours.

Blox Fruits

Roblox metaverse full guide

Players are required to fight enemies with swords and climb up difficulty levels. On their way to the top, they earn or collect rare and precious items.

Brookhaven RP

Brookhaven RP roblox game

It is an open-world game where players are given the freedom to perform any activity they’d like to do, like robbery, pizza delivery etc.

Shindo Life

Shindo Life roblox game

It is inspired by the popular Anime, Naruto. The game comes under the combat genre, where players are thrown into battles.

The list also includes many more popular games like Pet Simulator X, Sonic Speed Simulator, King Legacy, Gacha Online and Livetopia.

One reason for the popularity of games in Roblox metaverse is that they are accessible on smartphones and other mobile devices without the need for VR headsets. Therefore, it is definitely easier to access and fun to play with.

Will Roblox continue in the future?

The existing state of Roblox metaverse indicates its long-term growth. A detailed overview of Roblox metaverse would also showcase its potential future. Such review includes multiple innovative experiences in the world of gaming with popular games such as AdoptMe! and Shino Life, which prove the potential of this immersive world.

Roblox is turning to an industry leader with an open creativity. This metaverse is flexible to creating diverse experiences alongside enabling social connections. Therefore, more of the digital generation tend to like and join it.

Some of the most obvious factors underlying Roblox metaverse, which would define the road to its future, include:

Available on Smartphones

Roblox Available on Smartphones

VR and AR are the two popular technologies for accessing the metaverse, though they are expensive and not all metaverse lovers can afford them. Roblox, however, does not require its users to make use of such expensive equipment as it is available on smartphones. Users can enjoy the immersive gaming experiences on Roblox through their smartphones anytime.

The new smartphones are capable of displaying high resolution pictures and high quality sounds. Users can easily use their smartphones to be connected online constantly and enjoy playing metaverse games. Simply put, the smartphone-optimized Roblox metaverse can easily garner Gen Z users on the grounds of flexibility.

Amusing Events

A good example of how Roblox taps into the interests of the digital generation can be the Roblox Metaverse Champions event conducted in 2021. This event spanned around four weeks and each week featured 48 different games, which means around 10 to 12 games for every champion. Roblox also hosted virtual music events in collaboration with famous Sony Music, featuring Lil Nas X to perform in the Roblox metaverse.

Roblox was also there to entertain Gen Z users with several interesting virtual experiences during COVID-19 pandemic. The digital habits developed during the pandemic are still staying here and motivate Roblox metaverse to follow its roadmap.

Promoting Creativity

The biggest strengths of Roblox metaverse games is the flexibility to building up on new ideas. Roblox metaverse allows its users to create and come up with new experiences, including fighting games or casual meetings in a virtual workspace.

A good example of this is Bloxton Hotels from Hilton Hotels within the game. Such creativity can serve as a vital reason for users’ participation in Roblox metaverse.

Roblox promotes creativity in freedom of expression and experience, as well as the development of its own creator economy. Robux, the Roblox metaverse crypto, was introduced to the market in 2013 and served as a medium of exchange. Creators can offer different virtual experiences and earn rewards as Robux from the game. This makes Roblox be a metaverse to join and enjoy.

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