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Pokémon Company is Hiring Web3 expert

The company that makes the hugely popular Nintendo video game series may be thinking about Web3 moves, according to a recent job listing. According to recent metaverse news, Pokémon is now expanding into the web3 space.

On a distributed ledger, there are Pokémon? Several developers have tried and failed to bring the idea of fighting monsters from the Pokémon video game series to Web3, but The Pokémon Company hasn’t joined the market yet. Based on a new job posting, this might soon change.

Pokémon enters Web3: NFT and metaverse

The Pokémon Company, which is a partnership between Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures, posted a job description for a Corporate Development Principal. This person would help the company’s leaders figure out how to run the business and look into new technologies. Also, the company wants to hire someone who is well-known in the Web3 community.

The company is especially looking for someone who has “extensive knowledge and understanding of Web3, including blockchain technology, NFT, and/or metaverse.” Those who want to apply must be “well connected to a network of investors and business owners in the Web3 and metaverse technology fields.”

The listing doesn’t give a clear picture of what The Pokémon Company might do on Web3, whether it’s with NFTs or a blockchain-based game. Decrypt tried to talk to the company about its plans for Web3, but did not get a response right away.

Overall, though, the listing points to a job that will help the 24-year-old company that runs the most valuable entertainment franchise in the world be more creative. For example, the Principal of Corporate Development will set up an internal “innovation challenge” and look into the possibility of working with other companies on new technology.

The Pokémon Company is in charge of all the games, media, and goods that have come out of the long-running craze. This includes console and mobile games, TV shows and movies, toys and clothing, and other projects and tie-ins. Even though Nintendo doesn’t own the Pokémon franchise, it is in charge of selling all Pokémon console games outside of Japan.

The “must catch ’em all” idea behind collecting Pokémon monsters could be a great fit for NFT-based games or even digital goods that you can collect. Since there wasn’t an approved offering, other teams tried to come up with something similar.

Nintendo President sees metaverse potential

Pixelmon, which is the most well-known unofficial example, sold $70 million worth of NFTs before showing off artwork that was widely mocked. Even the CEO of the company admitted that showing off the artwork was a “terrible blunder.” In September of last year, a new team of leaders took over the project and changed the artwork and the road map in an effort to save it.

In February 2022, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa said that the company sees “huge promise” in the idea of the metaverse, which is an immersive and interactive version of the internet used for games, social connections, business, and more. But he made it clear that Nintendo has no plans to make games for the metaverse right now.

In a similar way, Niantic, the company that made the wildly popular mobile game Pokémon Go, is putting money into what it calls a “augmented reality metaverse” of games. Niantic has also set up a framework that other companies can use to make NFT-driven experiences, like the music metaverse game Elynixr from Pixelynx, which was co-founded by the electronic musician Deadmau5.

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