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Play-to-earn decreasing after “massive shift in priority”

Metaverse news about Play-to-earn games. According to a survey from the Blockchain Gaming Alliance, the biggest reason why people will use blockchain gaming in 2023 will be to make games better.

A new survey has found that the blockchain gaming industry is going through a “massive shift.” The once-popular “play-to-earn” (P2E) model is becoming less popular, and the focus is now on making the game play better.

The results of the survey were included in the Blockchain Game Alliance’s (BGA) new annual report, which came out on January 12. The survey was done with 347 professionals from 252 blockchain projects or companies.

BGA reports that the majority of respondents were young adult males working in middle and upper management roles for blockchain gaming companies.

The survey identified a shift in how blockchain gaming executives viewed P2E as a driver for blockchain gaming adoption as one of its trends.

factors that could impact blockchain gaming adoption. Source BGA

The report found that 67.9% of the people who answered the survey agreed that P2Es would be the biggest growth driver for blockchain gaming in 2021. According to the most recent survey, this number is now down to just 22.5%.

Instead, 35.7% of people who answered the survey said that improving gameplay will be the industry’s top priority in 2023.

Pedro Heddera, head of research and analytics at Dapp insights firm DappRadar, attributed P2E’s decline to “falling crypto prices and upcoming free-to-earn games,” opening the way for a new generation of Web3 games. adding:

“2023 is shaping up to be a make-or-break year.”

In the report, Rowan Zwiers, co-founder of the Web3 consulting firm Blockminds, said that despite the hype surrounding P2E games during the first generation of blockchain gaming, the industry is currently going through a “drawback to normalcy.”

Zwiers said that P2E games have “proven themselves unsustainable” and that this shows that the next generation of blockchain games need to have more advanced game dynamics.

The chief investment officer of Hartmann Metaverse Ventures, Felix Hartmann, stated that “cheap point-and-click browser” P2Es no longer receive the money they formerly did because “capital has gotten smarter and more demanding.”

Hartmann indicated that venture capitalists are focusing on improving the gaming experience.
He noted: “More cutting-edge game studios integrating Web3 and AI into Unreal Engine-based, high-fidelity games are seeing more traction.”

Corey Wilton, co-founder of Mirai Labs, said that there will always be “lovers” of the original P2E model, but it is more profitable to produce games that “capture the casual everyday gamer.”

The report identified poor gameplay and the challenge in understanding blockchain gaming concepts as the most major problems in blockchain gaming.

But a section of the report supported by DappRadar says that despite the long crypto winter, the blockchain gaming industry is still growing a lot.

On-chain game transactions reached 7.4 billion, which is a 37% increase from 2021 and an incredible 3,260% increase from 2020.

According to the report, the crypto winter had no effect on the amount of blockchain gamers who played existing games.

Sebastien Borget, the president of the Blockchain Games Alliance, said that this shows that the industry is “putting players first” and putting more emphasis on the benefits of blockchain to the gaming industry than on the volatile market.

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