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OpenAI’s GPT helps in turning Text into Custom metaverse Worlds

Artificial intelligence has dominated technology headlines due to competitors and OpenAI’s GPT models. These models produce text and media at alarming speeds and accuracy. One Web3 metaverse app has used the technology to revolutionize many experiences and industries. Metaverse news also covers the news of AI related to the virtual world.

Oncyber released Magic Composer

Oncyber, a 3D world-building platform used by Web3 creators and communities and supporting many NFTs, released Magic Composer, an AI-powered tool that lets users customize environments with text commands, this week.

It’s similar to ChatGPT and runs on OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 model (not the new GPT-4), but Oncyber uses text prompts to change its worlds in real-time rather than returning carefully curated web content, a poem or book report, or working blockchain code.

With a line of text dropped into the Magic Composer, Oncyber can change the sky’s color, insert NFT artwork from an artist in your connected crypto wallet, change the shape and size of picture frames around the world, and more. Rayan Boutaleb, Oncyber’s CEO and founder, says this is the tool’s first version.

“In the next iteration, what we want is for people to port any hallucination or dream they have into a 3D canvas, and just directly see the result of what they might imagine and change things up,” he said. “It’s a first step towards a very big end result, which we are not that far off from.”

When will Oncyber’s Magic Composer be released?

AI tooling was about helping platform users express their creativity, not following the latest tech trend. Boutaleb says Oncyber’s visual user interface and game-like engine are incompatible.

Magic Composer makes getting what users want easy. As Oncyber adds more world-building features in the coming months and gives creators ways to build richer environments, the AI tool should simplify customization of online 3D spaces.

Oncyber will release the AI tool to a small group of testers on Monday, March 20, but Boutaleb predicted that it will be available to the public a few days later.

More robust AI functionality is on the horizon, too. Boutaleb said that in time, he hopes to add more complex generative features, such as the ability to generate bespoke or modified 3D architecture simply by typing out a request. Over time, Oncyber’s goal is to have “less and less boundaries/limits,” he said.

Oncyber, a 2021 metaverse platform, allows users to design their own online spaces like Web3 metaverse gaming platforms like Decentraland and The Sandbox.

Unlike those platforms, Oncyber didn’t sell the NFT land plots needed to build in those worlds, rejecting “FOMO” and speculation fueled by a lack of land. Oncyber sells NFT-based templates while working with architects and designers to create customizable prefab spaces.

Free templates and spaces let you create a space without an NFT or cryptocurrency wallet. Oncyber also imports privately held NFTs from Polygon, Solana, and Ethereum. Some NFT collectors use Oncyber to host interactive community events and online art galleries.

Boutaleb said NFT land’s hype cycle, which peaked and then crashed, didn’t affect Oncyber, which raised $6.7 million last year. His team has focused on platform improvements. Importing external video and screen-sharing streams and improved VR support are recent additions.

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