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On Decentraland, landlords can now rent out their plots of land

To increase participation in the Decentraland metaverse and the digital real estate market, it is essential to be able to rent out homes. The leasing mechanism implemented by Decentraland is intended to increase platform users’ revenue and expand their opportunities.

Metaverse rent is visible

In the new renting structure, Ethereum transactions pay for Decentraland Foundation-controlled server-stored signatures.

Technical literature reveals that off-chain signatures are required for the rental smart contract. Using off-chain signatures, landowners may lease their property for free.

The smart contract can validate the listing’s creator upon signature. This enables decentralized land rental security.

The Decentraland Marketplace now permits landlords to offer plots and estates for rent. It indicates that:

By visiting the “my assets” website, property owners can empower Rent Smart Contract to act on their behalf about their land holdings.

The landlord must prepay daily rent multiplied by the anticipated number of days of occupancy.

The landlord could choose to remove advertising for properties that have not been rented by a given date. The smart contract will not recognize the previous signature; hence, no one will be able to rent the property at the previous rate for the previous duration.

The owner can update the advertising before to a reservation

When the rental agreement expires, the property can be re-rented or reclaimed by the owner. To regain their land, landowners must demonstrate that their tenant paid for operator licenses and gas. Tenants cannot bid on rental properties until they vacate the land.

Finally, landlords will vote on all matters relating to property. There are partitions for real estate and land. The tenant must sign the Rent Smart Contract prior to the deduction of MANA. The renter may then select a caretaker. You can find out the latest news about this issue by following Metaverse news.


Property rentals in Decentraland have been attempted previously. One of Decentraland’s grantees, Double Protocol, developed an on-chain LAND rental system that enabled LAND owners to rent their digital real estate. Land in Decentraland costs $3,000. 14–3,000 MANA per day for rentals.

In recent years, digital real estate has become one of the best ways to make money on the Web3. User events have helped Decentraland in communicating its purpose to valued metaverse platforms and digital property. The new renting function will simplify and reduce client costs on the website.

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