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Nokia uses the Metaverse to connect remote breweries, train plane techs

Nokia used to be known for making tough cell phones, but lately, it has been focusing on making industrial use cases for the Metaverse. When you hear the names of big companies in the metaverse news, it shows how people all over the world and in different fields rush to keep up with the fast growth of technology.

From beer breweries on opposite sides of the globe to airplane technicians in remote airports, Nokia has sought ways to utilize the Metaverse to assist remote workers.

Nokia, a well-known manufacturer of consumer mobile devices, has turned its attention to producing “internet delivery” technologies and equipment.

According to Nokia Oceania’s Chief Technology Officer Robert Joyce, one of these goals is the deployment of the Metaverse.

Last year, Nokia launched two laboratories to study the Metaverse and its supporting technologies.

Nokia began collaborating with an Australian university to create a 5G-connected microbrewery utilizing metaverse technology, according to Joyce.

Researchers from the University of Technology Sydney’s brewery tech lab cooperated with Dortmund University experts using Augmented Reality (AR).

“They do joint experiments where they brew beer, they change the process, the temperature, the timings, the volumes, the recipes […] and they feed back all of that brewing process into the digital twin,” he explained.

Then they can repeat the brewing process in the digital twin to perfect the beer in the digital realm.

Joyce added that Nokia has been utilizing the metaverse to potentially assist Cessna with aircraft maintenance at remote South Australian airports.

“We had a 5G connected Microsoft HoloLens and we were able to instruct people on how to service a Cessna using augmented reality in this case.”

Using augmented reality and a 5G-connected Microsoft HoloLens, we were able to instruct personnel on how to maintain a Cessna in this example.

Nokia’s worldwide chief strategy and technology officer, Nishant Batra, stated earlier this month at the World Economic Forum (WEF) that the Metaverse will have a greater direct impact on sectors than on the consumer market.

“Ports have begun using digital twins to track every container on their docks, no matter how deeply they are buried in stacks. Aerospace companies are building engines and fuselages in the digital world to simulate exactly how an aircraft will fly – long before they tool its first mechanical part,”  Batra wrote in an opinion piece for the World Economic Forum that was published on January 13th.

Although he feels the “consumer metaverse” will not take off until 2030, oyce agrees with the concept.

According to him, the “industrial Metaverse” will have five times the revenue of the consumer or enterprise Metaverse by next year.

“The technology is not there yet, the technology is clunky,” Joyce said of the currently available Metaverse consumer devices.

“It’s not the best experience to have a Quest 2 on your head for a couple of hours, and it’s not until people get to the augmented reality wearables that are comfortable [and] mass-produced.”

“We see this three or five-year lag before we actually see massive uptake in consumer virtual reality or augmented reality services.”

When asked what function blockchain will play in the future of the Metaverse, Joyce asserted that the technology will be indispensable for payments and asset transfers.

“Clearly if you wanted integrity within a metaverse, then blockchain will play a part,” added Joyce. “If I was going to buy a house next to Snoop Dogg’s and want to ensure that it couldn’t be lifted and shifted and copied, that’s where blockchain is quite useful in terms of maintaining uniqueness in a digital space.”

Joyce, on the other hand, suggested that blockchain is not necessary for all applications.

“It’s not an essential underpinning technology for the Metaverse but I’m glad we’ve got it […] and it will be used in the Metaverse,” he stated.

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