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New features from Spatial will improve YellowHeart’s metaverse experience

YellowHeart, the Web3 marketplace for ticketing, music, and memberships, will introduce Web3 ticketing to the metaverse to assist artists and fans in avoiding problems associated with conventional ticketing, such as high prices, fraud, and no resale profit for artists.

The company’s metaverse functions as a music venue and will debut immersive new features from Spatial, a Web3 platform that provides breathtaking immersive experiences on mobile, web, and headset.
The YellowHeart experience emulates an in-person concert more closely than any other virtual event to date.

Since most venues and stadiums have exclusive ticketing partnerships in place, building a metaverse that exclusively uses Web3 tickets may accelerate their adoption because artists can finally offer Web3 tickets on a large scale to fans.

Web3 tickets offer new features that are exclusive to NFT technology and cannot be encoded into regular tickets, in addition to alleviating some of the most problematic aspects of conventional ticketing.
These include whole albums, customized vinyl records, exclusive merchandise, and immersive visual art.

Web3 tickets also enable artists to inform followers with forthcoming tour dates, album releases, giveaway possibilities, and more.
The company has teamed with Spatial to bring new capabilities that will make YellowHeart’s metaverse experience more interactive than any other virtual event.

These include the ability to stream multiple screens at once so that fans can see what’s happening in different areas of the venue, such as by the stage, by the merch booth, outside the venue, and in the lounge, as well as the ability to locate friends without having to switch between multiple avatars to identify them.

Fans also have the opportunity to contact with one another privately, so that not every chat is overheard. At the beta debut of the metaverse, artists will be able to showcase merchandise and vinyl records that fans may click to purchase.

In addition, they will have the chance to plan meet-and-greets before and after events for fans who were unable to attend or who did go but wish to continue participating. This feature is a game-changer for fans who are unable to go to a live event or who cannot buy traditional tickets due to their high cost, as they are now able to engage with the artist and other fans despite these obstacles.

In the future, fans will be able to purchase food and beverages that will appear as digital objects in the metaverse, further blending the virtual and physical experience.

Prior to Web3, musicians would release a record, go on tour, and then return home. However, Web3 tickets have entirely overturned the rules for how artists, teams, and event organizers release tickets and interact with fans, according to YellowHeart founder and CEO Josh Katz. The technology underpinning Web3 tickets is mature and ready for widespread use, but its implementation has been slower since many venues, especially in the United States, have exclusive ticketing arrangements.

YellowHeart makes digital experiences more accessible by integrating Web3 ticketing to the metaverse, allowing artists to quickly enroll followers in metaverse events via Web3 tickets.

YellowHeart’s inaugural Web3 ticketed event will be performed by YellowHeart’s No. 1 blues artist.

Every purchaser of G.Love’s NFT record will receive a complimentary ticket to his metaverse performance. YellowHeart will announce a number of more Web3 ticketed performances in the coming months.

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