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Mutant Apes and Dungeons & Dragons in Web3 game

In the D&D-inspired game, the Mutant Ape Yacht Club characters will act as antagonists. Another Yuga Labs-related metaverse news.

The expansive permission granted to Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT holders to utilize their own artwork as they see fit has resulted in a variety of collaborations and derivative works. Soon, a player’s Mutant Apes will appear in The Glimmering, a Dungeons & Dragons-inspired Web3 game.

What is the purpose of this partnership?

The game’s developer, Gripnr, has teamed with prominent collector and Web3 entrepreneur Jimmy “j1mmy” McNelis to include several of his Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT characters as foes in The Glimmering.

Principal Artist of Gripnr Justin “Angryblue” Kamerer will reimagine the Mutant Apes in question to fit the fantasy setting of the game. Gripnr will issue a derivative NFT collection based on the Mutant Ape characters that will be minted on the Ethereum scaling network Polygon and featured in the digital tabletop gaming experience.

“Ever since Mutants came out, I’ve wondered where their IP may fit,” McNelis said, “It turns out villains in a role-playing game felt like the right direction to take this once the opportunity presented itself.”

McNelis, who established the Avastars profile picture (PFP) collection in 2020 and co-founded the Gallery of Digital Assets (GODA) platform with musician Pharrell Williams, has stated that he appreciates role-playing video games (RPGs), the fantasy genre, and their memorable villains

“The Mutants look like bad guys,” he affirmed. “We’re leaning into that.”

The Mutant Apes came out in August of 2021. They were based on the Bored Apes. Existing Ape owners got a “Mutant Serum” NFT that turned their existing artwork into a new NFT, and developer Yuga Labs sold 10,000 more Mutant Ape NFTs.

Gripnr is a Web3 initiative that seeks to bridge the gap between physical tabletop games and digital components by utilizing NFT-based characters. The Glimmering is the first game created by the 2022 recipient of $2.5 million, the studio.

Wizards of the Coast, the owner of the intellectual property for Dungeons & Dragons, recently announced its intention to prohibit NFT through an update to its community license that permits derivative works.

The Glimmering is an online game that has a Creative Commons license. This means that users can make their own content and get paid for it. The Mutant Apes will fit into the magical and supernatural world of Asuwa, which is a fantasy world.

Radney-MacFarland said, “We don’t want to spoil the story by overly detailing how these newcomers fit in the world, or our vision for how they might shake up the plot.”

The partnership with Gripnr is McNelis’s most recent instance of licensing his Apes for various creative endeavors. Additionally, he possesses the Bored Apes used by Universal Music Group’s 10:22PM label for its Kingship virtual band project, and his Avastars project offers similar commercialization rights to NFT holders.

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