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Miss Charm brings Web3 technology to beauty pageants

This time, we serve you metaverse news focused on web3 and beauty. Miss Charm, that is based on blockchain technology, is the start of a whole new era of beauty pageants. By putting the latest Web3 innovations into the virtual world, Miss Charm gives users unique and interesting experiences.

Miss Blockcharm, which is a mix of the words “Miss Charm” and “Blockchain,” is a contest that follows the same rules as Miss Charm. It is the first competition to use fan tokens, non-fungible tokens, and a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to promote the real-world use of blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology is used by Miss BlockCharm to make sure that candidates and customers are safe. The use of blockchain technology makes sure that the contest results are honest by preventing fraud and tampering with data. This means that users can use tokens and NFTs to keep an eye on their favorite beauty queen, vote for her, and talk to her.

The blockchain and art are both part of the global competition

In Miss Charm 2023, there are 40 contestants from 40 different countries. These people have already won national and international beauty contests and are now ready to compete on the world stage.

All of the contestants in Miss Charm are taught how to use blockchain technology, which makes it different from other beauty pageants. They know the basics of the technology and how it can be used in real life. They also know how to make a blockchain wallet. Each participant has a unique wallet address and can send and receive tokens and tokens that can’t be exchanged for anything else.

How to vote for beauty queens

Miss Charm has made its own MBC token, which is mostly used in the competition to sign people up for Web3 and let them vote. At the end of the competition, these tokens will be burned up. Users can get MBCC in two ways through Miss Charm: Install Metamask or Fizen from the App Store or Google Play, and join the free online giveaway campaigns (called “Airdrops”) of each delegate to win MBC tokens. On the Miss BlockCharm site, paid users can buy NFTs with a credit card or a blockchain wallet. If the user wants to use a blockchain wallet, they must first send USDT or MATIC from the Polygon network to their Metamask or Fizen wallet. Users can then pick their favorite NFT and click “Purchase.” Miss Charm has five different kinds of NFTs, and each one gives different benefits based on how much it costs. So, if the price was higher, the voter would get more MBC Tokens.

When users finally connect their wallets to the voting website, the system will count the number of tokens they have and figure out how many votes they have.

One of the unique things about this NFT is that the money will be used to help charities that the competitors support. This means that people will not only be able to buy a unique digital item, but they will also be happy to know that their purchase is good for the world as a whole. This is a great example of how non-profit organizations (NPOs) can be used for things other than making money, and it’s an exciting step forward in the field of philanthropy.

Miss Charm is bringing the most up-to-date technology to the world of beauty pageants. This will make sure that everyone has a safe and honest time. On the Miss Block Charm site, you can vote for the beauty queens.

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