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Metaverse Event

Meta Expo Dubai

September 5, 2024
Organizer: Meta Expo Dubai
Type: Offline
Meta-Expo-Dubai Meta Event

At the Third Generation Internet Technology Development Conference in 2021–2022, Metaverse was made available globally. Cosmos is what verse refers to. Metaverse is the term for the cutting-edge Internet. A shared virtual area is supported by technologies like AR, VR, 3D, and others. Internet of the third generation. Virtual reality and contemporary technologies are used in the new Internet application and social format known as Metaverse. It is immersive thanks to extended reality and digital twin technologies. Blockchain technology enables users to generate and edit content, establishes an economic system, and integrates the real and virtual worlds into identification and social networks. It was first mentioned in Neal Stevenson’s 1992 novel Snow Crash. In 2021, byte beat, Tencent, and Facebook all joined the meta universe race. More people are becoming aware of Metauniverse. This serves as the environment for the Third Generation Internet Technology Development Summit and the World Metaverse Conference. Dubai, a city renowned for its stunning surroundings and welcoming culture, hosted this exhibition.

The following are some of the highlights of the summit: Participating in the exhibition will be well-known Internet companies and metaverse companies from around the world. These companies design encryption technology, digital technology, and financial industry. They also present participants with the most cutting-edge metaverse technology R & D exchange and product application, which aids in understanding the context of its development.

Academics and authoritative guests will speak at the summit. The meta universe technology development manager of well-known Internet companies and authoritative meta universe researchers will be invited to share their experiences from the conception of the meta universe to its potential future applications. Technology and theory will make clear how the meta world affects our future.

Immersive interactive experience: Exhibitors at this summit brought equipment for immersive on-site experiences based on AR/VR technology so that attendees could combine theory and practice, personally experience the fundamental application scenarios provided by meta-universe technology, and have a more intuitive overall experience.

Upstream and downstream resources for the high-end networking and metaverse industrial chain: summit participation thresholds. The intended audience consists of vice presidents and managers of technology companies who enjoy sophisticated customer communication. The summit integrates resources from the upstream and downstream parts of the metaverse industrial chain and offers visitors resource docking and technical assistance.

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