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5 best metaverse discord servers to join in 2023

Metaverse is a vision of the next iteration of the Internet. It is a single, shared, immersive, 3D virtual world that allows people to experience a new life parallel to their physical world life. Virtual Reality (VR) headsets and Augmented Reality (AR) glasses are evolving to give metaverse users better virtual life.

Metaverse has taken the digital world by storm and discord servers are hosting a bunch of really populated metaverse groups. Discord servers are there to improve user communication. Users join them to get more ideas as well as share their experiences with metaverse. These groups usually provide the latest news and updates on different metaverses, which users can utilize to their benefit.

Due to the fast growth of metaverse in the digital world, it seems necessary to learn more about channels of communication in the virtual world. In the following, we will list top metaverse discord servers to join in 2023.

What is Discord?

What is Discord

Discord is a voice, video, and text chat app used by millions of people to talk and hang out with their communities and friends.

People use discord daily to talk about many things, ranging from family trips to homework and art projects support. It provides a channel for communities of any size, though it is most widely used by active groups of people who talk regularly about their favorites.

Discord includes private, invite-only spaces for groups of friends and communities to stay in touch and spend time together. Besides, there are also larger, more open communities, generally centered around specific topics such as popular games and the latest trends of technology. Discord allows its users to control their interactions with others and how they may share their experience on various topics.

Therefore, discord is known as a home for all communities and groups of friends. It gives people the space to be themselves and spend time with other people who share their interests and hobbies. Conversations on discord target certain groups that users choose and the topics they wish to talk about.

Considering the features with discord, it is widely used to connect NFT and metaverse users to keep update with their digital assets, their projects and metaverse games they play.

The most popular types of discord servers

The most popular types of discord servers

As we already mentioned, discord servers are used for various purposes. Among all, three most popular discord servers are:

  • Gaming: Gaming servers can include anything from a YouTube or Twitch streamer’s official Discord server to communities specifically dedicated to video games like Minecraft, Fortnite, Roblox, Valorant, etc.
  • Music: These servers are usually communities for the fans of artists, like Snoop Dogg and BlackPink. It can also be a server for YouTube channels, fans of a specific music genre, and music bots.
  • Education: Discord servers were primarily used as a community for learners. People may use learning-focused servers for any type of education, from school lessons to the latest technologies.

Discord Glossary

Discord Glossary

Discord has its own vocabulary. Discord users need to know the vocabulary used to get the best function with the platform.

  • Server: Servers are the spaces on Discord. They are made by specific communities and friend groups. The vast majority of servers are small and invitation-only. Some larger servers are public. Any user can start a new server for free and invite their friends to it.
  • Channel: Discord servers are organized into text and voice channels, which are usually dedicated to specific topics and can have different rules.

In text channels, users can post messages, upload files, and share images for others to see at any time.

In voice channels, users can connect through a voice or video call in real time, and can share their screen with their friends – we call this Go Live.

  • DMs and GDMs: Users can send private messages to other users as a direct message (DM), as well as start a voice or video call. Most DMs are one-on-one conversations, but users have the option to invite up to nine others to the conversation to create a private group DM (GDM), with a maximum size of ten people. Group DMs are not public and require an invitation a group member to join.
  • Go Live: users can share their screen with other people who are in a server or a DM with them.
  • Nitro: Nitro is Discord’s premium subscription service. Nitro offers special perks for subscribers, such as the option to customize your Discord Tag, the ability to use custom emotes in every server, a higher file upload cap, and discounted Server Boosts.
  • Server Boosts: If you are a big fan of a community, you might want to boost the community’s server (or their own). Like Nitro, Server Boosts give servers special perks like more custom emotes, better video and voice quality, and the ability to set a custom invite link. Server Boosts can be bought with Nitro or purchased separately.

5 Best metaverse discord servers to join

With the expansion of metaverse to various aspects of virtual life, almost each metaverse project, including games, fashion, advertisement, etc., plan to have several discord servers for various purposes. In the following, we introduce some of the most popular discord servers that are widely used for general communication around metaverse itself.

1. Crypto Dads

Crypto Dads

Crypto Dads is an expansion of the renowned Stock Dads community. At the time of writing, it is the most value-packed metaverse discord server in the market. They are official partners with TCG World, which is the largest open world metaverse on Binance Smart Chain. Besides, they have also built out an entire educational program on metaverse, cryptocurrency, NFTs, etc. Such courses will teach the followers everything from what crypto and metaverse are, to how to monetize and build a business within metaverse. They even offer live coaching on technical analysis, personal finance, and live trading.

Crypto Dads also partners with Perspective Wealth Planning ( to offer free financial and retirement planning as a part of their quarterly and annual subscriptions. It helps their followers personalize their financial plan. They also offer real-time alerts from professional traders and investors for stable coins, altcoins, shitcoins, NFTs, and more.

2. Axie Infinity

axie Infinity

Axie Infinity metaverse game become popular as it enables its users to play a video game while earning money. It is an NFT-based online game developed by Sky Mavis. The game requires players to collect and use “axies” to earn cryptocurrency.

Axie Infinity is so entertaining and rewarding that its metaverse discord server has gathered hundreds of thousands of members. At the time of writing, the number of Axie Infinity discord server users is over 700k. Their official server on discord allows members to chat and trade with other players, plus tons of other cool features.

3. Sandbox discord server

Sandbox discord server

Launched in 2018 based on the Ethereum blockchain, Sandbox is a decentralized NFT gaming metaverse. It is a virtual gaming metaverse where creators can build, own, and monetize their digital experiences. Sandbox users also use discord server and its channels to communicate with each other. The number of permanent users usually reaches 300k people. Among over 500 discord channels tagged with Sandbox, a good example of is Sandbox Discord Hunts. This discord is launched with special NFT rewards as prizes. These regular HUNTs in the discord has a form attached with articles, tweets, and other various tasks to complete and then answer a question on. There are small tasks associated with each question. Each HUNT is rewarded with a special NFT.

4. Roblox


Roblox is an app that allows users to play a wide variety of games, create games, and chat with others online. It combines gaming, social media, and social commerce. Games on Roblox or “experiences” fall into a variety of genres, including role play, adventure, fighting, obby (obstacle courses), tycoon, simulator, etc. Therefore, it has attracted lots of players to participate in the games. Most players keep in contact via its discord server.

Roblox discord server is unique in that it is run not only by the developers, but also by the fans and gamers. Its logic for the server is to be run by the community. The server is always crowded with tons of chats about various events so that the community can interact with each other. Players may need to have a verified account before they can join. Currently, the total number of members in Roblox discord server is almost 907k.

5. Decentraland Community

Decentraland Community

Decentraland is a 3-D digital game that provides a user-owned, Ethereum-based virtual world platform, or metaverse. It has its own Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that gives virtual space users control over the digital world.

Decentraland is powered by its virtual in-game assets marketplace, which includes wearables (for your characters), land, and more. Being a major part of the growing metaverse space, Decentraland has attracted many people to create their avatars and enjoy the virtual life they look for. Also, it allows its members to communicate with each other via Decentraland metaverse discord server. There are hundreds of events happening every day in this metaverse. Therefore, Decentraland built Event Area to ensure that its member do not miss any of the most significant events.

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