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Meta’s decentralized text-based social network could rival Twitter

Is it too much to expect that there will soon be a viable alternative to Twitter?

The fall of Twitter is opening the door for competing platforms to develop more advanced alternatives. And now the biggest player is getting in on the action as well: Meta is in the early stages of developing a dedicated app for people to submit text-based updates.

A new text-based content app that will support ActivityPub is allegedly being developed by Meta, the company behind Facebook and Instagram. Mastodon and other distributed applications like it use ActivityPub as their social networking mechanism.

TechCrunch claims that the upcoming program, known only by its internal codename P92, will support login with Instagram accounts. Users will be able to sign up and join in to the new app with their existing Instagram accounts because it will feature the Instagram name and logo.

Businesses in the tech industry have noticed a rise in the number of people searching for alternatives to Twitter. Several competing platforms, including Mastodon,, and T2, have emerged in recent months and are actively courting these users.

The most remarkable aspect of the initiative is that Meta intends to decentralize the network. In a decentralized network, individual users are typically able to set up their own independent servers and establish server-specific rules for how content is moderated, despite the company’s refusal to elaborate on its statement.

At the moment, the minimum viable product (MVP) strategy is to let users share their posts with individuals on other servers. It is unclear, however, if users will be able to watch the content of people who are using different servers and be followed by them.

The first release of the app will support sharing of photos and videos as well as connections to previews of longer articles, user profiles, and verification badges. Functionalities like followers and likes will be included, but it’s unclear if commenting and texting will make it into the initial release.

That would be especially true if Meta leverages the power of Instagram, which has already achieved global scope and counts among its users the vast majority of public figures required to launch a new text-based network.

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