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Metagalaxy Land launches its exclusive metaverse platform

The blockchain-based next-generation MetaFi platform Metagalaxy Land has launched. In a recent development, the platform plans to launch the Play-to-earn feature on its metaverse platform in the first quarter of 2023. It will comprise of two user types, Space Cowboys and Space Pirates, who collaborate to attain better tier yields, rewards, ships, and buildings, as well as construct and uncover higher tier and rarer artifacts.

With the new developments, Metagalaxy Land offers its customers with a metaverse experience that is enhanced by the integration of NFTs and the play-to-earn feature. The firm positions Metagalaxy Land as an exclusive, multifunctional metaverse platform. Consequently, the team is now utilizing MetaFi instead of GameFi.

With the help of growing technology and inventions, the creators of Metagalaxy Land think that the dream of immigrating to a new planet and starting a new life will become a reality. As a simulation of future human activities, Metagalaxy Land is created as a platform where people can terraform a planet to make it habitable. The time users spend in Metagalaxy Land experiencing the metaverse should have a real-world counterpart. In this regard, the play-to-earn feature enables them to make money while participating in the metaverse.

In addition, the platform has taken the effort to make “Decentralized Planet” the starting point for all gamers. The first version to be published takes place on this planet as well. Users will be able to explore this planet and view and interact with the structures. In addition, the corporation will provide some unexpected add-ons. Planets, which are also NFTs, will be incorporated into later versions of the platform. The first version’s gameplay video can be viewed and understood here.

Therefore, Metagalaxy Land represents a future that goes beyond the user’s thoughts. The platform builds a metaverse by combining the power of the end with Blockchain technology and an unlimited number of new generations. It focuses on building a future in which work and play are combined, empowering its players, and providing them with economic opportunities and enjoyable time through its play-to-earn add-ons.

The metaverse in Metagalaxy Land has also been made with Unreal Engine 5. Some of its drawings have been altered to 3D because the firm wants to provide NFT and metaverse Experience the best experience possible. So, Metagalaxy Land is becoming a place where people can change the environment of a world and make it habitable, like a simulation of what people will do in the future.

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