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Meta Establishes Metaverse Academy in Saudi Arabia

Facebook’s parent company, Meta Platforms, founded the first metaverse academy in the Middle East and North Africa in Saudi Arabia in order to speed the technological advancement. The fact that the first metaverse academy is being held in Saudi Arabia is making top metaverse news at the moment.

Meta, a company located in California, told The National on Tuesday that the academy, which will open in Riyadh on May 1, will train 1,000 individuals over the course of 18 months to develop the metaverse ecosystem.

The initial statement was made by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Communications and Information Technological during Riyadh’s Leap technology exhibition.

There are plans for extended reality and technology awareness campaigns. Graduates will be prepared for employment in the metaverse, according to Meta.

Kojo Boakye, vice president of public policy for Africa, the Middle East, and Turkey at Meta, stated that “The Middle East and North Africa region has all the assets to become an essential player in the development of the metaverse and embrace the benefits it will bring to the economy.”

“The business landscape is already in high demand for skills and we are committed to collaborating with educational institutions and policymakers across the region to accelerate the development of the ecosystem and train the future builders of the metaverse.”

The academy offers top-notch training

Avatars based on Web3 interact in the metaverse. Its creative approaches for optimizing processes will also transform workplaces and organizations.

The new concept for the World Wide Web, Web3, stresses blockchain, decentralization, accessibility, and user utility.

A December Strategy& research projected that the technology would contribute $15 billion to the GCC’s GDP by 2030, led by Saudi Arabia.

It was said that the largest economy in the Arab world will likely donate $7.6 billion, or more than half of the total, demonstrating the kingdom’s active metaverse activities.

Hosting the academy in Saudi Arabia benefits the region. The monarchy, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Qatar have Web3 laws and programs.

Kuwait oversees digital banks while Oman investigates cryptocurrencies and virtual assets.

According to PwC, the worldwide value of the technology could range between $8 trillion and $13 trillion, depending on how much firms invest in it.

Faisal Al Khamisi, chairman of Tuwaiq Academy, stated, “Our mission is to provide access to world-class education and skill development throughout the region.”

Saudi Arabia’s metaverse academy has three programs

The metaverse academy offers three distinct programs. The first is an introductory workshop to the metaverse.

The second is an online training program designed to assist users in creating augmented reality effects, and the third is a professional training program for entry-level careers in immersive technology.

The training program, which targets at least 30 percent female participants, is open to everyone.

“This partnership with Meta allows us to continue this mission and support the growth of the Metaverse ecosystem by training and empowering the next generation of metaverse builders and leaders,” Mr. Al Khamisi stated.

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