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Mercedes-Benz Launches New Trademark Applications for Web3 Moves

After stopping NFT sales of the G-Class in January, Mercedes-Benz has begun registering trademarks for its Web3 platform.

Trademark and patent lawyer Mike Kondoudis tweeted that Mercedes Benz has licensed the Mercedes Benz, Mercedes, S-Class, G-Class, and Maybach trademarks on the Web3 platform in anticipation of future expansion into the luxury automobile market.

The applications for trademarks were submitted to the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on December 14 and hint at a variety of downloadable virtual items and financial services.

Furniture, textiles, clothing, accessories, beauty products, fragrances, food and drinks, art, toys, trading cards, umbrellas and parasols, audio/visual and photographic devices, audio devices, film and video devices, and online and virtual world services are all perfectly fine for use in NFTs and computer programs.

The trademark applications also detail the company’s intentions to open an online store and provide a marketplace for the aforementioned fictitious goods.

Among the financial activities included are the issuance of value tokens, the facilitation of crypto-currency transactions, digital currency exchange services, and the provision of liquidity services in relation to digital currencies and assets, cryptocurrencies, virtual currency, and blockchain-based assets used by members of an online community via a global computer network.

Online items, virtual online environments, and extended reality virtual environments are just a few examples of the types of entertainment services that are in the works.

Trademark applications were filed nearly a year after Mercedes-Benz launched its first NFT project, in which the company partnered with Art2People to select and promote the work of five artists who created original digital interpretations of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

In May, Mercedes-Benz joined the Aura Blockchain Consortium of luxury brands, giving the company access to cutting-edge blockchain and NFT technology that was otherwise unavailable to the automobile industry.

Renault, one of many luxury automakers to enter the Web3 space this year, has introduced a “industrial metaverse.”

The June NFT drop marked Bentley’s entry into Web3 as a luxury automobile manufacturer. This year has seen the introduction of many new Web3 vi NFTs, including those from Chevrolet, Acura, Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo, and Chevy.

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