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McDonald’s drive-thru AI makes hilariously wrong orders

The most American action you can take would be to place a drive-through order at McDonald’s.

But this activity might soon become much more difficult due to AI’s capacity to reduce expenses.

The fast food company, along with others like Sonic and Chipotle, have been experimenting with AI-powered voice assistants in their drive-thru lanes since at least 2019, frequently with funny results.

The half-baked AI chatbots that gave clients random packets of butter or ketchup with their orders, according to Insider, are now being lamented by consumers on TikTok.

Given the prevalence and annoyance of defective AI chatbots, it is an essential problem.

An angry consumer created a video on YouTube called “fighting with McDonald’s robot.” She went back and forth for several minutes, but she was unable to have the caramel ice cream removed from her order.

She walked out of the drive-through lane and declared, “McDonald’s, I’m done.” We’ve finished.

Another consumer spent more than $250 on chicken McNuggets and yelled “stop” at McDonald’s cruel AI before dissolving into laughing and snorting.

A different TikTok user discovered that the person in the drive-thru checkout lane next to them unintentionally added a diet Coke to their own order when they tried to change it, transformed into nine sweet teas.

The technology doesn’t provide a compelling argument for itself. But when there aren’t enough humans to work, it’s an alluring option for businesses like McDonald’s to replace human employees with robots.

In fact, McDonald’s plans to soon fire more human employees. It replaced its employees with conveyor belts that deliver orders directly to the consumer last year, eliminating the need for employees. This is a dystopian portrayal of what future fast food would be like.

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