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Mastercard utilizes Polygon’s Web3 artist accelerator

Here is some useful and interesting metaverse news. Mastercard wants to use Polygon to help guide musicians into the Web3 space, including helping them mint their own NFTs.

Mastercard said on Friday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, that it will launch its Mastercard Artist Accelerator using the Polygon blockchain.

The goal of the program is to teach musicians how to grow their brands by creating NFTs, making an online presence, and building a community. Mastercard hasn’t said who will be in the accelerator yet, but the company has said that it will end this year with a live-streamed artist showcase.

Mastercard says the goal is to make a place where music content can be made, shared, and owned. The accelerator will connect musicians from all over the world with mentors in Web3.

“Kicking off in spring 2023, the Mastercard Artist Accelerator will prepare five emerging artists—such as musicians, DJs, producers—with the tools, skills, and access to forge their own musical paths in the digital economy,” Mastercard said in a press release.

NFTs are blockchain-based tokens that can be used to prove ownership, authenticity, or membership in a group. NFTs have also been a good way for musicians to make money on the side in the past.

Grimes, a singer and songwriter, sold more than $6 million worth of art in March 2021. In the same month, 3LAU, an EDM musician, sold an album as 33 separate NFTs and made $11 million. DJ Steve Aoki said in February of last year that he made more money from NFTs than he did from advances on his music over a 10-year period.

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