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Mark Zuckerberg reveals Meta’s LLaMA as A.I. race heats up

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, announced on Friday that Meta has been trained and will offer academics a new large language model ( LLaMA).

The LLaMA model is meant to help scientists and engineers learn more about how AI can be used to do things like answer questions and summarize papers.

Meta’s new model, which was built by its Fundamental AI Research (FAIR) team, was just released at a time when both large tech companies and well-funded startups are racing to announce improvements in artificial intelligence methods and use the technology in commercial products.

Applications like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Microsoft’s Bing AI, and Google’s Bard, which hasn’t been released yet, are all powered by large language models.

In his essay, Zuckerberg said that this kind of technology might be able to solve math problems or do scientific research.

“LLMs have shown a lot of promise in generating text, having conversations, summarizing written material, and more complicated tasks like solving math theorems or predicting protein structures,” Zuckerberg wrote on Friday.

Meta says that its LLM is different from other models in key ways.

At first, it says that it will come in different sizes, from 7 billion to 65 billion parameters. In recent years, researchers have been able to improve technology by making the models bigger, but they are more expensive to run. This is called “inference.”

For instance, Chat-GPT 3 from OpenAI has 175 billion parameters.

Meta has also said that researchers will be able to use its models, and it is now taking proposals from researchers. The models that LaMDA and ChatGPT are based on are not available to the public.

Zuckerberg wrote, “Meta is committed to this open model of research and we’ll make our new model available to the AI research community.”

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