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The new frontier to make passive income metaverse 2023

Metaverse has been at the center of attention in the digital world since late 2021. Many investors and tech enthusiasts are further discussing the metaverse and its potential to offer chances to make income as well as passive income in 2023. Answering to question what is metaverse?, They all agree that allows users to try a fun virtual life and make advantageous investments and make income.

Metaverse provides its users with a wide variety of opportunities for marketing and business, just like the physical world. People can trade virtual lands, advertise, own a building and rent it to others, make metaverse games, etc. The sky is the limit to such money-making opportunities! Though, that is not all. Metaverse also considers chances to make passive income for its users, too.

How to make passive income metaverse in 2023?

If you are looking for the best ways to make passive income in the metaverse in the new year, follow us till the end. Here, we provide a comprehensive guide on what metaverse is and how to make passive money from metaverse while you are spending a fun time in the virtual world.

Metaverse is a shared, online 3D space that allows users to interact with each other using the latest technology and avatars. Metaverse is unique for its new world of economic prospects, including NFT-based products and marketing business. Considering various trading opportunities the metaverse brings to its users, not only ordinary people but also many tech giants are already entering the virtual world. Metaverse users offer multiple activities such as:

  • Shopping
  • gaming
  • trading NFTs
  • Entertainment
  • employment opportunities

Metaverse requires its users to own specific tools to join the virtual world. These may range from a PC to a high-quality VR. Thus, lots of technology is needed in the first place. Then, entering the metaverse, NFTs and cryptocurrencies are required in order to let people interact and do business. People, as well as businesses, can make income directly or passively. This may justify why metaverse is getting so popular; earning from metaverse is a real thing!

How to make money in metaverse?

Metaverse comes with a democratic economy that provides many immense benefits. It allows its users to take advantage of their skills, effort and creativity to make passive income metaverse. People can try various investment areas provided in metaverse even to earn more. It may include:

  • Trading virtual lands
  • Creating or selling NFTs
  • Practicing digital advertising
  • Making metaverse games
  • Found your own business, such as an art gallery, museum, online store, etc.

Besides, metaverse can be a great place to earn passive income. Should you ask how to make passive income metaverse you must know that metaverse users can own their digital assets and yet make passive income from them. As a metaverse user, all you need to earn passive income in metaverse is to have a digital wallet which makes it possible to offer your NFT assets to the virtual world. Therefore, metaverse users can make passive incomes in ways rather than trading their assets and earning the promising profits they are looking for.

How to earn passive income metaverse?

With the growth of metaverse, more people and businesses are exploring the opportunities the virtual world provides, one of which is making passive income. Here is a list of the most profitable ways to earn passive income in metaverse.

Royalties from secondary markets

royalties from secondary markets and making passive income in metaverse

The most profitable way for artists to make passive income metaverse is through earning royalties from a secondary market. When an NFT artist launches her NFT, for example, a wearable or weapon, in a metaverse game, she can earn royalties when the assets she creates are sold on the secondary market. The smart contract set on blockchain defines the royalty rate when the NFT is first launched.

Since most metaverse games are play-to-earn (P2E) and various NFT assets can help players win the competitions and get rewards, NFT artists can make a high passive income while they are busy working on their new projects. Besides, this income will be made as long as the digital asset resells in the market.

Renting out metaverse land

renting out metaverse land to make passive income in metaverse

The other profitable way to earn passive income is to rent out your virtual land. The metaverse users who own properties in the virtual worlds, such as Upland, Decentraland and Sandbox, can rent their land to others for various purposes and earn its rent by the percent provided in a smart contract.

The renting fees may vary from one metaverse to another. It also depends on the property and its location. Virtual land owners can choose to rent their properties to others for events, concerts, galleries, etc., for a specific time and renting amount. It is possible by using smart contracts provided in a blockchain. The passive income earned from renting a virtual property is directly sent to the owner’s digital wallet after paying the fees.

Leasing NFTs to make passive income metaverse

Leasing NFTs  to make passive income in metaverse

NFT owners can also make passive income in the metaverse by renting their digital assets to those who do not wish to pay for expensive NFTs or own them permanently.

An excellent example of this can be seen in metaverse games such as Axie Infinity. Metaverse games are based on NFTs, which work as weapons, avatars, accessories, etc. In Axie Infinity, as an example, Axies are NFTs used to compete and earn rewards in the game. Metaverse players can lend their rare and expensive Axies to others for a specific time and earn cryptocurrencies. In this case, players rent NFTs based on smart contracts and payments are directly sent to the owner’s digital wallet. Leasing NFTs in order to earn passive income is very popular among metaverse game players.


Advertising to make passive income in the metaverse

Another opportunity to make passive income metaverse is advertising. Many urban areas have been built in metaverse, and large billboards and advertisement locations are common in popular places. These billboards can draw the attention of avatars to new products and services both inside and outside the metaverse. You may either buy or rent a billboard to advertise a business.

Many companies try to own billboards, that are digital assets, and rent them to others. In addition to the possible increase in the price of the NFT billboard, they also can take advantage and rent it to others.

Virtual games

virtual games to make passive income in metaverse

Virtual games, including gambling, are probably the most popular metaverse use cases as most metaverse worlds are largely focused on gaming and gambling, which can be a great choice to make passive income metaverse, too.

Decentraland, one of the best-known metaverses, has founded its virtual casino ICE Poker recently, which shares the common features of traditional gambling houses and the excitement of the virtual world. There are several opportunities to make money in metaverse games, from launching new in-game NFTs to advertising. Metaverse players can even find a job there, complete users’ quest and earn cryptocurrencies. They also can apply their creative ideas in the metaverse job and earn passive income.

All the options mentioned above allow metaverse users to earn passive income while they are enjoying their time in metaverse. Though, it is essential to remember that even passive incomes are monitored in metaverse and include some fees.

Is passive income metaverse worth a try?

Metaverse and its economy are still in their early stages, and there is much to do to figure out everything about them. With the further evolvement of the metaverse, more opportunities will be available to its users, including chances to make money in metaverse games. Earning passive income is also considered in metaverse, though it is at its primary stages.

Considering the suggestions above on how to earn passive income in metaverse, we can easily see that users have already taken the route and made passive money. Therefore, those who were first to grab the chance and make passive income will be more successful in making even higher passive incomes in the future. Thus, it can be a good idea to spend some time learning about making passive money in the virtual world and, if possible, give it a try.

A final word of make passive income metaverse

Just like the physical world, investment in the virtual world could come with some risks and advantages. Metaverse has provided lots of opportunities to do business and make money, especially in metaverse games, which requires proper strategies and probably consultation to be successful. This can be the same about making passive income metaverse. People need to be knowledgeable and own strategies to earn passive income in metaverse. Therefore, we advise our readers to consult the experts before investing in metaverse.


Can you make passive income metaverse by buying virtual lands?

Sure, especially if you own a digital land in crowded areas in metaverse. You may build a building, decorate it and rent it to others for events. You may even have a billboard for advertisement on your property.

What do you need to earn passive income in Metaverse?

First, you will need a crypto wallet and some NFTs, for example, digital land or in-game NFTs. Owning these, you can easily use the guide above to make passive income metaverse.

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